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Master Bedroom Closet Door Makeover with Milk Paint

I recently received some milk paint in the mail from one of my Instagram friends and guess what it sparked.  That’s right… another switcheroo.  You all know how I’ve been switching things up lately all over the house on Winchester.  First, we found a new coffee table for the family room and moved that room […]

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Lemon, Honey, and Ginger Throat Soother - House on Winchester


Lemon, Ginger, and Honey Sore Throat Soother

Who needs a little help during this cold and flu season?  I will answer that.  ???????? I do.  I woke up yesterday with that tickle in my throat.  And you know exactly what tickle I’m talking about, too.  It’s the one that says, “Hey, girl, hey… you’re going to feel like shit for the next several […]

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Antique Doors on the Stairway Landing

The stairway landing door project is done.   OK, it’s not DONE, DONE.  But Deb got the antique doors on the stairway landing hung.  Now I need to get my shit together and do my part.   I need to fill holes and paint the trim inside each closet.  She had to remove the trim work on […]

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My Favorite Hair Products - House on Winchester


Kevin Murphy Hair Care Products – Deb’s Favorite

If you’ve been following us over on Instagram,  you all know Deb has been trying some new hair care products.  Some of you asked what products she was using because her hair actually looks different.  I know you can’t feel her hair, but know that it feels different, too.  ???? She is pretty picky about what […]

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Antique Door on our Stairway Landing Linen Closet

Deb would be rolling her eyes if she knew I was writing this post. ???? As, this project is FAR from being done. She doesn’t read my blog and is never on social media.  So she will never know. ????   But, I couldn’t wait to show you guys.  The stairway landing in our home is huge!  It’s […]

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Master Bedroom got a new look - House on Winchester

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The Master Bedroom Headboard

Guess what!   The master bedroom got a new look.  I know what you’re thinking… “what’s next, you crazy, old lady?”  I seem to be playing the old switcheroo with lots of rooms these days.  First, I moved the huge cabinets in the dining room around and gave that room a fresh new look.  Secondly, we […]

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