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Simply French Market Bedding

You know we’ve been giving the master bedroom space a huge refresh.  We started this project by hanging this brick wallpaper.  That led to a new head board after I saw these old barn shutters at the flea market that we attended a few weeks back.  What is a bedroom refresh without new sheets and […]

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Skincare Tools - House on Winchester


The Best Skincare Tools

I started using Tula Products about three months ago which I absolutely love.  My skin looks and feels different.  I never really thought about skincare “tools” before.  But, as soon as I added them to my daily routine, I’ve noticed  another HUGE difference. I am sharing my handful of useful skincare tools that I own and […]

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The Oak Room Beauty Lounge - House on Winchester


The Oak Room Beauty Lounge

I shared with you awhile ago our absolute favorite hair care products.  Both Deb and I use them and we are both obsessed.  We get all of our products at The Oak Room Beauty Lounge, which is where Deb gets her DOs. ????????  I was hanging out in the salon with Deb and her stylist, […]

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Shutter Headboard Idea - House on Winchester


Shutter Headboard Idea

If you’ve been following along recently, you already know we’ve been working hard on our master bedroom refresh.  I just get bored… you know?  ????????‍♀️  We hung some new brick wallpaper and what’s a bedroom refresh without new Linens and Hutch sheets.  The bedroom has changed so much in the last couple of weeks.  I […]

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Pantry Organization and a Refresh - House on Winchester

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Pantry Organization and a Refresh

I haven’t even mentioned to you about my pantry organization and refresh.  Half of the time when you guys saw my pantry on social media, you mentioned how organized it was.  But, really it wasn’t.  I don’t like to see a bunch of different boxes and bags sitting around.  Let’s face it, I like all […]

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7 Pinterest Recipes We Can't Wait to Try - House on Winchester


7 Pinterest Recipes We are Dying to Try

Deb and I cook almost every single meal here at the House on Winchester.  And when I say “almost”… I mean with the exception of when we are out and about and ravenous and haven’t planned.  That means a quick jaunt to get a fast food veggie burger.  We get into the same routine as […]

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Tula Products - House on Winchester


Tula Products – What I am Currently Using

This post has been a long, long time coming.  I cannot tell you the number of questions I get on my skin care routine.  And I have to be completely honest.   I have skipped around with lots of different brands over the last several years. Some were inexpensive and some broke the bank.  I recently […]

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Fall Tour of the Backyard - House on Winchester

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Fall Tour of the Backyard

I have no clue why I was so excited to share our outside with you for Fall. I am absolutely loving the Fall colors and the warmth it brings to our home. Lots of you have commented that you cannot believe I love the color. Well… I think if it were a huge commitment … […]

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