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Sources for our New House

  I have been giving lots of updates of the new house over on social media stories but I haven’t done much updating here.  If you receive and read our newsletter, then you may know a little more.  Because I tend to share a lot there as well.  I did update you on the entire […]

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Great Beauty Items for Fall

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle Collective.     I often get asked why I get ready and apply makeup every day when I work from home.  Or why I wear makeup when I am working outside on the chicken coop or decorating the porch.  Well, I can answer that.  It is because I […]

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Inexpensive Painted Pine flooring - Pine boards as flooring - Deb and Danelle

New Home Build

Our Pine Flooring is Painted

Well…the moment I have been waiting for.  Our pine flooring is painted. Deb keeps saying, “You are so excited about this part of the new build, aren’t you?”  Yes, Deb… Yes, I am.  I have several posts on our pine flooring.  I have an entire rundown of frequently asked questions that I shared regarding using […]

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Key Staples You Need This Season

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s and ShopStyle Collective.   I’ve said it before, but Fall is pretty much my favorite season of all.  It is a bit too short here in Ohio, but I try not to focus on that.  AND… there is no better fashion than fall fashion.  Oversized sweatshirts, cardigans, and leggings […]

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Simple Fall Dough Bowl Idea - Deb and Danelle

Fall Decor

Simple Fall Dough Bowl Centerpiece

Did you see the simple centerpiece hack that I shared several weeks ago.  If you have a wreath and you have a pumpkin, you have a really great center piece idea.  Well, I found this gorgeous antique dough bowl at the Springfield flea market a few weeks back.  If you want to see my entire […]

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Seed's DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic - Deb and Danelle


Probiotics and Prebiotics: Why We Chose Seed

Do you take a prebiotic and/or a probiotic?  I have heard about them for years.  But I didn’t understand the importance of them.  And, I didn’t take the information about them too seriously.. until the last couple of years. We have been really focusing on our health and doing everything we can to prevent future […]

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Warm Neutral Fall Table Decor - Deb and Danelle

All Things Dining Room

Warm Neutral Fall Table

I put together this warm neutral fall table and loved how it turned out. If you have been around for just a bit, you know that woods and whites are my thing.  And, you probably figured out by now that I am a neutral home decor lover as well.  I haven’t gotten much into why lots […]

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My Favorites from QVC this Month

This post is sponsored by QVC and ShopstyleCollective.  All opinions are my own.   It’s that time of the month.  It’s time to share all of my favorites from QVC.  And there are several things that made the list this time.  If you are new here, I scour the website to see what great products […]

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