Tuesday's Treasure - CIY Coffee Table or Bench


Tuesday’s Treasure – DIY Coffee Table or Bench

As I stated last week, our Tuesday project has changed names.  Three times to be exact.  It was first Trashed Tuesday, then Transformation Tuesday, and now Tuesday’s Treasure… which is what it will be.  Basically, Deb hangs out in the workshop on Tuesdays and creates a great project.  She makes some of the coolest things […]

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Tuesday's Treasure

Tuesday’s Treasure – Wooden Cake Stand

We have another name change, folks.   ????    Let’s review.  We started with Trashed Tuesday.  It is when Deb transforms something that was going to be thrown out (or was donated) into something different.  We did a series like that when we owned our storefront.  I loved it. However, after a few weeks of Trashed […]

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DIY Dog Bowl Stand - Deb and Danelle

All Things Kitchen

Transformation Tuesday: DIY Dog Bowl Stand

Do you follow our other account over on Instagram?  Right now, it is named Deb and Danelle’s Cottage.  The name of it will change sometime because we want to come up with something a lot more clever.  It is the place where Deb shares all of her projects.  She has shared most of the Trashed […]

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Transformation Tuesday – Christmas Tree Collar to Plant Stand

Did you catch the name change?   We originally called this little series Trashed Tuesday.  It was where we would take things people discarded or items that were donated, and give them a makeover.  Do you remember the mirror we shared for a Trashed Tuesday project?  That was probably one of my favorite makeovers.    I […]

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Happy New Year – 2022

Do you even believe it?  it’s 2022.  I was thinking a few weeks back how the year 2,000 seems like 5 years ago.  All of the babies born in the year 2,000 have already graduated high school, possibly college, and are already at legal drinking age.  I cannot even believe it! I have had several […]

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Winter on the Porch - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Winter Porch at the Cottage

I have been dying to get this porch here at the cottage decorated for winter.  A few weeks ago, I shared my DIY evergreen pots with you, but the porch was at a stand still.  I wasn’t inspired because the set of cabinets that I had on each side of the door needed work.  I […]

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Dining Table Spring Decor - Deb and Danelle

Spring Decor

Neutral Spring Decor in the Dining Room

I am pulling all of my spring home decor from hiding.  Truly… Spring is such a happy time for me.  Anybody else?  It feels like new beginnings.  We are finally able to see the light after long, dark winters here in Ohio.  Everything starts to get green again.  The woods will be filling out making […]

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Spring Mantel - Deb and Danelle

Spring Decor

Simple Spring Mantel

I told you that I was into decorating for spring.  Decorating is something that I have to be in the mood for.  My creative is strange.  If I am not really in the mood, it will not happen.  I can’t force it.  So when I started feeling like I wanted to add a little spring, […]

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