Deb’s Favorite Summer Shirts by Under Armour

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s and ShopStyle Collective.   Once Deb finds a piece of clothing that she loves, she buys multiple colors.  Case in point, her favorite summer shirts.  She grabbed a few Under Armour shirts from Kohl’s a few weeks ago, and a few more packages arrived.  She said, “Oh.. those are […]

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Shop Favorites

The Best of QVC in June

      This post is sponsored by QVC and ShopStyle Collective.  I love sharing my favorites that I find on QVC every month.  They have some of the best deals.  I usually check QVC every day because a lot of times, they have items I have never seen before. QVC has pretty much everything […]

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All Things Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Essentials

  This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond and ShopStyle Collective.  All opinions are my own.   We haven’t had a place for guests to stay for several years now.  When we sold our old house, we moved to the rental.  We had no room for guests to stay.  After the rental, we […]

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All Things Entryway & Stairway Landing

Antique Doors for the Guest Bathroom

Don’t you just love the Facebook Marketplace?  Do you ever get on to browse around to see what people are selling?  It is so fun to look.  I have my algorithm down pat to where lots of great things pop up just from my previous searches.  I have been looking for a set of antique […]

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All Things Kitchen

12′ Antique Store Counter – After

Do you remember when Deb and I made a flying trip to Illinois a few weekends ago to pick up a 12′ antique store counter. (You can see the before pictures in that post.)   We want to use it as our kitchen island.  Well… I wanted to strip it down to the original pine wood […]

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All Things Outside

Found Items for the Chicken Coop

Did you see our shed we got for FREE?  My cousin heard us talking about wanting a chicken coop over on our social media stories and she sent me a text.  She said that they had a shed at their lake cottage they no longer wanted.  So, it was a matter of figuring out how […]

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New Home Build

Antique Wall Cabinets for the Kitchen

Did you hear we are building a house?  😂 It seems like everything I share has to do with that fact.  If you haven’t seen the layout of the house, I shared it awhile ago.  We knew we were going to have 2 pantries – see the doors here.  And a giant island!   So, when […]

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Shop Favorites

My Favorites from Zulily this Month

This post is sponsored by Zulily and ShopStyle Collective.  All opinions are my own. It’s almost time to get the party started… meaning, the house will soon be done.  You have no idea how much my wheels spin when it comes to the final touches.  I was thinking of a few different items that I […]

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