Guest Bathroom Essentials

  1. Gloria says:

    All so lovely! Ecstatic for you and Deb!
    As for other items for guests: extra toothbrushes and mini toothpastes, little sample sizes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash soap, and maybe some earplugs?! Lol (just in case they are getting a really good night’s sleep out in the woods and start snoring! Lol)
    All the VERY BEST!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Love these ideas!! We need to stock up when we get our home where we can host actual guests hahaha

  2. Susan Fisher says:

    I saw something clever on someone’s stories where they used drawer dividers and put in extra toothbrushes, toothpastes, several one pack of neutragena makeup remover cloths, a few disposable razors, contact lens cases, and travel size contact lens solution. I thought it was pretty clever and I always forget one or more of those things! Beautiful choices for your guests btw!

  3. Patty Notgrass says:

    We all have seasonal allergies. I leave our favorite over the counter allergy meds in the guest bath as well as pain reliever.

  4. Gia Callaway says:

    I love when I stay at a friend’s house and she has a turbee twist for guests. A fluffy white “turban” to wrap up my wet hair.
    Also, she puts out 3 or 4 small (not votives but single wick) candles and a lighter so I can have a candle burning. If you’re concerned someone might be careless with a candle, what about a diffuser with a handful of oils to choose from.
    She always has current magazines near the bed that I enjoy reading at night.

  5. Kim O'CONNOR says:

    Love everything you ladies do. Can you tell me where you got your bathroom vanity from. Thanks!

  6. Cindy+Eaton says:

    Handheld magnifying mirror, tissues, disposable paper bath cups/dispenser, Poo-pourri, disposable make-up wipes or a dark washcloth monogrammed with the word “Make-up”, travel/hotel size toiletries. Store all in a vintage basket/container and tagged “Help Yourself”

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