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From Flat to That Series Roundup in 2023

We started a little series this year called From Flat to That.  It is where we are adding texture to all of the walls in our new home.  When we built, we decided to have the builder finish everything to the drywall.  And, we would add textures as far as shiplap, bead board, wallpaper, etc.  […]

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Brick wall

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Brick Wall behind our Fireplace

Another project completed! We now have a brick wall behind our fireplace in our dining room. We did something a little different with our brick than what is standard today, and I love how it turned out! Let me tell you all about it! Our Brick Wall behind our Fireplace From Flat to That- Where […]

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Bead board in the laundry room

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We added Texture to Our Laundry Room Walls

I am sure some of you can’t believe that we moved into a new home December, 2022.  And, here we are messing around and adding things here and there to each room.  Well, we kind of set it all up that way.  Deb and I wanted to be the ones who got to do the […]

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Adding Shiplap to the Family Room

Today we are continuing our series From Flat to That.  If you missed it, my goal this fall and winter is to add a lot of texture to these walls here in our new home.  With our home being all white, it helps to add a lot of interest by adding texture.  I wanted to […]

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Fireplace in the kitchen with shiplap wall

All Things Kitchen

Shiplap on the Fireplace in the Kitchen

Today, we are continuing our series, From Flat to That. I started this over on social media sharing how we are adding texture to the walls in our home.  We started by adding bead board wallpaper and trim to a few walls in our kitchen a few weeks back.  The next project on the list […]

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Bead board wallpaper pros and cons

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Bead Board Wallpaper in the Kitchen

We started a new series over on social media.  It’s called From Flat to That.  It is something that I absolutely could not wait to start.  All summer long, while we worked on our outdoor projects, I was dreaming of ways to add texture to the inside of our home.  Well, I started this series […]

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In-feed Inspiration

In-Feed Inspiration: Adding Texture to Walls

Today’s in-feed inspiration is devoted to adding textures to your walls! Deb and I are adding beadboard to our kitchen wall as part of our new series, From Flat to That. As you know, we don’t add a lot of color to our home, so we make up for that by adding a lot of […]

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Four Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe


Four Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

We eat pretty darn healthy.  Due to several different dietary restrictions, I am limited on anything sweet that I can eat.  And, sometimes, I just need a sweet treat. I am always on the lookout for recipes for cookies, cakes, muffins, etc, that don’t have a bunch of nasty ingredients, which are also lower in […]

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