Setting a buffet style table

Fall Decor

Set a Buffet Style Table for Fall: Woods and Whites Edition

This past weekend, I got a bit creative and set a buffet style table for fall here in the house.  It’s one of my favorite ways to set a table when we entertain.  So I thought I would share what I came up with. You might have figured out that this will be a “woods […]

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Large Cabinet in Dining Room with brown pottery

All Things Dining Room

Update on the Huge Oak Cabinet in our Dining Room

I wish the title of this post was, The Massive Cabinet is Done!  But it’s not.  Ha!  We have been working on this thing every day for several weeks.  Not an all day type of work, but we have done something daily.  So today, I wanted to give you an update on this huge oak […]

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What to use on Antique Doors for Privacy

All Things Entryway & Stairway Landing

What We use on Our Antique Doors for Privacy

We have been working so hard outside these past several months on the garden pergola, the garden itself, the chicken coop, etc.  While I absolutely love working outside, I have been itching to get inside and do some fun things.  Well, I finally crossed something off of one of my lists inside our home yesterday […]

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Styling Kitchen Shelves for Fall

Fall Decor

Kitchen Shelves Decorated for Fall

This is something that I have been dying to do for so long now.  I decorated the shelves in the kitchen for spring and summer months ago.  For probably a month, I have been staring at those thinking how badly that I wanted to add all of my fall items to this area.  But dang, […]

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Decorating the Kitchen for Fall using berry stems and pumpkins.

Fall Decor

Decorating the Kitchen for Fall

Have you gotten a lot of fall inspiration around the web this year?  Or are you one who are still in 100 degree temps and simply not ready?  Either way, it’s OK.  I happen to start early because of what we do but I actually enjoy it.  Because it seems like I get to enjoy […]

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The Perfect Slipcovered Dining Room Chairs

All Things Dining Room

The Perfect Slipcovered Dining Room Chairs

Do you ever have a room in your home that you struggle with decorating?  Honestly, this dining room has never been put together to my liking.  And I am realizing that dining rooms are hard for me to decorate. And, I think it’s due to the fact that there is a long, thin table in […]

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A Simple Fall Mantel with pumpkins

Fall Decor

A Very Simple Fireplace Mantel Look for Fall

We have been wrapping up several outside projects that are on our list:  the garden pergola, the garden itself, the chicken coop, the paths and steps to the garden, the back steps, and so much more.  And, as much I love working outside, I’ve really been itching to get inside to start my fall decor.  […]

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Fire pit, Campfire in the woods

All Things Outside

Our Fire Pit is Done

Remember when we did our first bigger project in the woods?  That project happened to be our fire pit.  We used products we already had laying around in the woods.  And got some pea gravel from the local stone quarry to finish it.  Well, we loved and used that fire pit so many times, but […]

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