Squatter's Camp Play House

All Things Outside

Tour of Squatter’s Camp with Updates

Do you remember when the Squatter’s Camp was formed two years ago?  TWO years ago.  Time flies.  I truly cannot believe it’s been that long.  Jake will be 16 in December.  I love having Squatter’s Camp on our property as I think it’s such magical little place. Things maybe have changed since the last time […]

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Deb and Danelle - The Squatter's Camp

All Things Outside

The Squatter’s Camp – Tour the Outside and Huge Backcountry Sale

This post is sponsored by Backcountry and ShopStyle Collective.  All opinions are my own.   Backcountry is having the biggest sale of their season with up to 50% off on gear, apparel, and accessories.  It includes the brands Reebok, Vans, Nike, Hoka, and so many more.   Also… For full-priced items, remember to use code […]

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The Squatter's Camp - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

The Squatter’s Camp – Barn Siding

The Squatter’s Camp project is well underway.  ????  The boys have been working so hard on this little project.  I haven’t even begun to tell you all of their plans.  But, just know, it is coming along so cute.  If you have no clue what I am talking about, please do yourself a favor and […]

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DIY Structure for kids

The Squatter's Camp

The Squatter’s Camp Progress – The Walls are Up

Please do yourself a favor and read everything I have shared about the Squatter’s Camp before you read this post.  You will definitely want to start at the beginning.  I shared where the Squatter’s Camp got it’s name and then I shared the plans for it in this post.  I also talk about budget and […]

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The Squatter's Camp

The Squatter’s Camp Plans and Material List

If you missed what and where the Squatter’s camp is, please read this post.  It will explain everything.  I promised that I would share their plans for this little area they are now calling a “resort.”  ????        The Squatter’s Camp Plans As you read in the previous post, the boys, Jake and […]

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Squatter's Camp Reno - Deb and Danelle

The Squatter's Camp

The Squatter’s Camp Renovation

For those of you who are not on social media, you are probably thinking to yourself… what in the actual hell is Squatter’s Camp.  ????   I shared this over on Instagram and even have a highlight if you want to see more.  But… I needed to document this project here.  Because it is SO FUN!  […]

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From The Garden

Roundup of Last Years Summer Projects and this Years List

The planning has begun.  Every year we have one major project that we plan around our property.  We call it our “big summer project.”  Our big summer project this year will actually happen late summer/early fall.  And, it’s BIG. I will share more about that later.  We do have several other projects that we are […]

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Ideas for Old Pier

All Things Outside

Old Pier from Lake – Upcoming Project

There are so many advantages of living in a small town.  There are a few disadvantages, too, but we don’t focus on those.  When you live in a small town, everyone knows your business.  That can work as an advantage.  Did you see the huge pieces of concrete that we grabbed a few days back.  […]

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