Bird Feeders We Love

  1. Kim says:

    100% we have a pair of Red Headed Woodpeckers who brought their baby last year, so cool to watch them teach it how to eat from the suet feeder. They have come all winter and spring this year too..

  2. Cindy briggs says:

    We are bird nerds. The first year in our home in the country we saw blue birds so we put a blue bird house up. Within a week they moved in and had 3 sets of eggs that year. We feed them meal worms. We have tons of hummers, dove, cardinals, swallows, a road runner, wood pecker, and painted buntings. Those are cool. Once I saw a Mississippi kite male and female do the hoochy-koochy in a dead tree. ????. Total national geo moment.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahahah Oh my gosh… How fascinating. I cannot tell you how much Deb loves Bluebirds. We had a few houses at the house on the woods and we just loved them. For some reason, they wouldn’t come to our mealworms we put out. I think we had it in the wrong spot.

  3. Sharon C Kroker says:

    We are complete bird nerds! Yesterday Gold and Purple Finches showed up while we were having a snow storm. I am waiting for the Bluebirds to come back and nest in our boxes. We too, had the thrill of our life with an Indigo Bunting pair last summer. I hope they come back too! The hummers are hilarious, territorial little buggers! Thanks for sharing the feeders. I am looking to add a few to our yard.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      We LOVE watching the hummers fight over the feeders. It’s so fascinating to me.

  4. Christine Marino says:

    What a great idea to hang the clock on a tree…love it! You both give me so much inspiration!!

  5. Kristin Lemons says:

    We have a mated pair of hawks in our area. They sometimes land in the trees in our back yard. I also see cardinals quite often. Lots of doves, too. The turkey vultures aren’t as pretty, but I appreciate the clean up job they do. 😉 We haven’t put up any feeders as we live next to open space that has rats, and mice. I’m not a fan of them and would prefer they didn’t come enjoy the birdseed that drops to the ground.

  6. Della Kay DeBauche says:

    The Indigo Buntings are my all time favorite! So beautiful! Followed very closely by the Mourning Doves! I really miss the feeders I used to have, so maybe this year I will be able to get some!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      We are having such a great time watching them here in town. We are going to hang another one in another window.

  7. Shelly Powell says:

    I used to work at McCormicks Creek State park here in the Hoosier state. I managed the gift shop just for fun for a few years. We used to sell bird books for Indiana birds, and we sold something called ‘Birdsong identiflyer. ‘You get these cards, for example field and meadow birds, birds of the night, forest edge etc. Each card has several birds on them. You stick the card in this phone looking type thing and press a button by the bird and it will make the noise of that birds call. It can teach you how to id the birds you hear while on walks through the woods etc. I have twelve cards with about 10-12 types of birds on each card. It is awsome! They may have them on Amazon??
    It is a must for bird lovers. So worth it!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh my gosh… we used to have one of those but it got tossed in a move. I am looking that up right now. I lOVED tht thing.

  8. Shelly Powell says:

    They do have them on amazon! You really would love it!!!

  9. Cheryl Argento says:

    You are so right about it being so peaceful watching the birds at the feeders! I sit in my sunroom and can watch for hours. We have a ton of cardinals, which I love!! We also have a huge woodpecker that is always at the suet feeder!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Truly.. it brings so much peace. I remember being so anxious about something years ago. Someone told me to use birds as an example. Do you ever see a bird sitting on a guide wire shaking with fear they won’t ever find food again? ???? I thought.. yes.. they trust there will be food readily available when they need it.

  10. gayle says:

    We live in a high rise on Miami Beach in the winter. Our birds are only the ones I see from the pool deck or from our balcony’s. We, obviously, can’t feed them. Can you see a bird feeder hanging off the balcony on the 21st floor!!!! But I swim at 7 every morning and have a great time watching the birds in the palm trees. Yesterday 2 parrots were having a huge argument. One was screaming at the other, the second one was trying to talk back, to no avail. I told my husband a whole story about their argument ( the days are getting long here, ha).
    We live in the woods on a lake in Mn. in the summer so we get to feed the birds there. We have feeders but I have marked some of these for our collection.
    Can’t wait to see your new home.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh thank you! I love to be home, but don’t like to be when I HAVE TO BE. LOL Stay safe.

  11. Carol says:

    Hello! Can you recommend the best bird feeder to start with? New home, new yard, have to have a bird feeder along with the my birdbath and bird houses. Would love to attract Cardinals (fellow Hoosier here) and blue birds.

  12. […] mind while searching.  I stumbled upon this woodlands theme wallpaper and fell in love.  We are bird nerds  ???????? so it fits perfectly with our taste.  And for around $30 per roll, it is very budget […]

  13. Crystal says:

    For sure a bird nerd here, we have the required feeder hung where we can see it from the breakfast nook and the lanai, and it’s the only one that we’ve ever had that’s squirrel proof. I feed the squirrels corn separately and enjoy watching their antics. and of course they forage for sunflower seeds that fall from the feeder. We’re lucky enough to have a pond as well so that brings a whole other layer of bird watching! Love the photo, It’s worthy of being enlarged and printed on canvas!!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Thank you. I cannot wait to get out into the woods. That, too, brings an entire new bird feeder experience.

  14. Nancy says:

    My birds are mad at me because I ran out of bird food. I’ll need to order some. I like the idea of squirrel proof because those little pigs are always trying different acrobatics to steal from the feeders. Even tho I feed them too. What kind of food is good for luring an indigo bunting?

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahaha OH MY GOSH… we’ve seen squirrels do lots of funny things to get to the feeder. Deb finally got one of those cone shaped things for ours. Otherwise, they would sit and eat the entire feeder at one sitting. ???? Deb said
      Thistle or Nyger seeds is what they love.

  15. […] mind while searching.  I stumbled upon this woodlands theme wallpaper and fell in love.  We are bird nerds  ???????? so it fits perfectly with our taste.  And for around $30 per roll, it is very budget […]

  16. Lee Ann says:

    Saw my first red-throated grosbeak just this week. I’m still a little buzzed about it! I’m 64 and didn’t even know they existed! What do you feed the Indigo Buntings? We own a little
    Golf course on the edge of town and I see them and bluebirds out there, but curious what they eat. Might need a bird feeder or two out there.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      That is SO EXCITING. I LOVE the grosbeaks. We were so excited when we saw them each Spring. One actually flew into our large picture window and laid on the ground for an hour or so. We would go out and check on it… I think it just got knocked silly because it got up and flew away.

  17. Velvet Villarreal says:

    Thank you, for sharing all that goes on in your lives. I am truly great full. I am a bird lover as well . I live on in Arizona, I have bird feeders in my yard as well. My favorite part of the day, is the early morning bird feeding too. I have a home filled with Peacocks ????. That’s my favorite bird. My sister lives on a farm, so get all the fill of the beautiful peacock, through hers.. I’m in love with your Photo, of the clock in the woods.. I will be purchasing, one online.. thank you again, for the wonderful laugh and insight into your family life. God bless you both and your fur babies… including the ones with wings. ????????????❤️????????

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Awwww…thanks so much for the kind words. I appreciate them so much.

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