Inexpensive Way to have New Fall Artwork

  1. Gloria Pflager says:

    can you elaborate on what type of paper you choose? matte shiny other? also do you have to choose a pixels or something when having printed? can’t wait to try this…

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      It is all a personal preference, but I like to print on a matte or other low-gloss option. The download can be resized into several different dimensions for printing to match whatever frame size you may have on hand.

  2. I am having an issue with the link for the winter prints in your post. It takes me to a DIY headboard post and I did see a link for one deer print. Am I just overlooking them?

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      You aren’t! There is something wrong there. I will have to look into it. Thank you for letting me know!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this idea!

  4. Missy Duffy says:

    Wow, so many beautiful fall prints! I am so inspired! Thanks for sharing all of these links. I have a lot of antique and vintage frames from my grandmother and many I’ve picked up here and there. I’ve always LOVED old frames! I know you shared this idea a long time ago but I’m finally ready to take it on. Just wanted to also say that I’ve always loved you guys and I’m so grateful you share so much and so often on your blog so I still feel connected since I haven’t been on ig in a few years. Although I really miss your actual stories, between yours and Liz Marie’s blogs I am able to stay so inspired. Keep it coming!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh, I think it would be amazing for you to be able to use your grandmother’s frames! I’m so glad that you are still able to follow along, even without IG!

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