Navy Hair Care – What Products I Have Been Using

  1. Cindy says:

    Ugh, I just ordered Navy Hair products you suggested and forgot to enter the discount code!
    I emailed them to see if it could be added, we’ll see.
    I have that ugly wave your talking about if I let it dry naturally also. Looking forward to trying Navy hair products

  2. […] The coconut oil and other vitamins in this product actually encourages hair growth.  I did share a post on all of the products, if you want to check it out.  The Bowline Kit includes all three […]

  3. […] get around to it.  I pinky swear this week.  It is on my list.  I do have a post on how I keep my curly hair straight and what products I use if you are […]

  4. Marilyn says:

    Recently you did another hair demonstration with your Navy product. Fortunately it was during their huge sale. I got the shampoo, pebble beach stuff and the serum. Do you have a segment on that?
    I used the products last night and used the pebble beach to give my short hair height. I sent my daughter a video of some house things and she said’ Mom. You look so good. What did you do? She even said I had an ‘aura’ around me. So after one trial run of Navy products, I finally had a good hair day!! So I thank you for that…..I used the serum, left it in, and dried my hair. It was not sticky and for sure I thought it was a dud. But it actually gave my hair body. I was definitely ‘influenced’ by you. I’ll see how my aura is tomorrow. ???? Thanks

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