Progress on the Pergola

  1. Carlotta Flynn says:

    My sister, Peggy McAbee, lives on 5th Street in Decatur. Her house is a little tudor house that is all brick and has a hedge around it. If you go thru the hedge in spring, it is like entering a secret garden. She went to your home on the Christmas tour and that is all she has talked about. I felt like I had been on the tour as weill from her precise description of every room in your house. I just visited your sight and am now a fan, too!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Awww.. thank you, Carolotta. And, thanks for following. If you are on Facebook and Instagram, you will see lots more pictures, too. ????

  2. I’m just now really getting into all your posts and projects. New follower 🙂 So many people and in particular women don’t know how to cut corners but, get it done. I’m VERY impressed with all that you do! Mostly because my husband and I do much of the same and the amount of work is absolutely incredible! How you manage to document all that you do…while you do it…is mind boggling! Lol! You two rock!!!! Thanks!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Arsenic hotdog!! ???? I’ve been binge reading since last night starting with your first post.

  4. Janet Duncan says:

    I realize this post was years ago but we are getting ready to do a pergola ourselves this summer. I have been scouring for ideas all over the internet. I adore you guys and your posts and thought I’d see if you ever did one and low and behold….I found this post! Woo Hoo….I was SOOOOO excited to read it, be inspired, and tackle this project and then….ARSENIC HOT DOG. 🙁 I don’t even know where to buy one! LOL Anyway, yours turned out beautifully and I hope ours will as well. Thanks for bringing smiles and laughter to us.

  5. […]  Deb and I built a pergola and I talked about our plans, when we started it, an update mid-build, another mid-build update, and how I decorated it for Summer.  Those posts also show you how we used packing stone in our […]

  6. Nancy Romansky says:

    We did our own pergola as well. Lot
    O work !!! 💗💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼. We r just in need of table and yours would matching our other furniture perfectly. Can you share. Love love love you both

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