The Most Delicious Paleo Pancakes - House on Winchester


The Most Delicious Paleo Pancakes

When I first found out that I was highly reactive to grains and gluten, I wondered what that meant for some of the goodies that I love to eat.  The Paleo diet is the way I NEED to eat.  Meat, nuts, veggies and fruit are all delicious! But, seriously.  I can’t imagine not being able […]

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7 Pinterest Recipes We Can't Wait to Try - House on Winchester


7 Pinterest Recipes We are Dying to Try

Deb and I cook almost every single meal here at the House on Winchester.  And when I say “almost”… I mean with the exception of when we are out and about and ravenous and haven’t planned.  That means a quick jaunt to get a fast food veggie burger.  We get into the same routine as […]

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Delicious Vegetarian Chili Recipe with Hominy - House on Winchester


Delicious Vegetarian Chili Recipe with Hominy

You know that Fall is coming.  YAY!  I love Fall but don’t like what follows, but you all know that by now.  Soup is one of our favorite things to cook.  I mean a big pot of soup will last a few meals here which is a plus in our books.  Leftovers.  Ahhhhhh.  My favorite!!!  […]

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Mock Barbecue Beef Sandwich Recipe

Do you like how I made the feature picture black and white so you wouldn’t see the bright orange carrots and say, “Um…….I don’t think so.” Yes…you read the description and first sentence correctly.  It’s a mock barbecue beef sandwich recipe using roasted carrots.  If you want something low in calories that is delicious, keep […]

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