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Kevin Murphy Hair Care Products – Deb’s Favorite

If you’ve been following us over on Instagram,  you all know Deb has been trying some new hair care products.  Some of you asked what products she was using because her hair actually looks different.  I know you can’t feel her hair, but know that it feels different, too.  ???? She is pretty picky about what […]

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Eye Make-up - House on Winchester


How to Apply Eye Make-up and What Products I Use

I’m assuming the title of this blog post confused you.   My friends over on Instagram asked me to show them how I apply my eye make-up.  I know, I know… you guys may be thinking, “Listen, old lady, you know nothing about applying eye make-up so stop acting like you’re a cosmetologist.”   And lots of […]

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The Best Natural Deodorant - House on Winchester


The Best Natural Deodorant and Why You Need to Detox Your Armpits

Do you see a theme this week?  It’s all about The Detox!  First it was The Whole 30 to detox from junk food, and then it was 15 ways to detox your cluttered mind. You all know that being 150 years old, different issues arise.  I’ve chatted about this subject over on Instagram and had […]

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