The Best Natural Deodorant and Why You Need to Detox Your Armpits

  1. Nora Verrone says:

    I have been using native deodorant for over a year.
    I love the way that it work. Last summer I ordered
    Rosemary and something else, oh my not for me
    I love rosemary but didn’t want to smell it all the time. I do love the coconut though. And I love the email they send when you order
    From them.


    Ok, I’m going to give this natural deodorant a try. I’ve tried many brands. And I end up smelling like a barn yard. Also ordered the detox clay. Kelli get fingers crossed.

  3. Deb Myers says:

    I’ve just started using it, so far I love it! I got the coconut vanilla, can’t wait to try a new one next time! Thanks for sharing Danielle! ????

  4. LisaMarie says:

    Thank you! I’m currently waiting for my first order of a natural deodorant. Was going to make some but thought I’d order one first then when it ran out use the container for the homemade. ????????‍♀️ Plus if I like it I’ll have a lazy fall back ????????
    I’ve never needed deodorant. Never really sweat that much either. Enter year 150…. ????????????????????. So annoying…. thanks for this post. Will definitely detox my barn animal first

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahaha OMG, same here. I really did not use it before the age of 150. My pits can smell up a room. ????

  5. Andi Byer says:

    I just made my deodorant. So far so good! Arrowroot, bees wax, essential oil and other stuff. I like the fragrance and it seems to help me not smell like a goat pen.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahaha Please keep me posted on that. ???? I really would love to know how it holds up to hog barn.

  6. Loretta says:

    I’ve heard the same thing about deodorants, that they are link to Breast cancer.
    I guess I’ve been blessed because I don’t have to wear deodorant, if I do use deodorant I will smell like I haven’t put any on!!! I guess I’m a freaky, I have heard of anyone else like that but my husband because I had him go with out for a weekend and no sweat or smell from him either.

  7. Susan Rothenberger says:

    First of all Danielle, in my book with the whole 30 and this armpit investigation/tutorial you’ve held you DO qualify as a doctor. I’m 150 and a 1/2. WTH? The smell? Make it stop. MFer. Please forgive my bad mouthed initialing. Soooo, got the destinker Native a few months ago. I do enjoy it. Right off the bat of the day, I’ve convinced myself I’m starting off healthy. Now, you’re right (and of course you are), it takes the POW out of sweat! I still sweat, but u can’t prove it because you’re not gonna pin the smell on me! Also, thumbs up to Native for solving this horrendous problem. #native. #tryityoulllikeit. #Drdaniellesaysandknowsso.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahahahah I just saw this message and it cracked me up. I get it. ????

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