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Everyday Makeup Products

I have had so many requests for my makeup products to use daily.  I switch things up a lot but have been reaching for most of these items every day!  I thought it would be easier to keep them all in this post for you to refer back to! First up, I swear by a […]

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Christmas at Pottery Barn

Shop Favorites

Pottery Barn Christmas Favorites

PLEASE don’t throw rotten eggs or tomatoes at me.  But I rounded up a bunch of my Pottery Barn Christmas favorites.   I just know how WIERD this year has been.   And, didn’t want to miss out on some favorite things that I found from Pottery Barn.   So I ordered early and thought I would share.  […]

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All Things Outside

Fence Installation in the Woods

I told you that we bought a little garage.  The little garage is going to be for our Polaris and for lawn equipment once the house is built.  Since we will be living in The Woods and Ivy Cottage until we build the house, we will need some place to store those items.  We added […]

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Garage Landscaping

All Things Outside

Garage Landscaping

I shared that we bought this little garage for the woods a few weeks ago.  And, how we added a concrete path around it to the man door by using recycled concrete.  If you haven’t seen the recycled concrete post, you must.  We found the coolest concrete to use as a pad for the garage […]

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Recycled Concrete Pathways

Home Tour

Recycled Concrete Walkway by Garage

Remember when I shared our new little garage that we had delivered at our woods?  Well…. you know how one project leads to another with Deb and I.  Once we get one thing accomplished, it sparks creativity for another one.  We can’t sit still for very long.  Our brains are way too active for sitting.  […]

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Wardrobe decorated for Fall

Home Tour

Fall Look on Antique Wardrobe

Do you guys remember when we spent two solid days shopping at the Springfield, Ohio, Extravaganza flea market?  Oh my gosh… I’m sure I have mentioned a few times that we had THE MOST fun ever.  We brought home so many fall decor goodies.  One of those things was an antique wall telephone box without […]

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Nordstrom Sale - Deb and Danelle

All Things Outside

Driveway Alarm at the Woods

We had a driveway doorbell alarm at our last two homes.  The big house in the country had one at the end of the driveway. Once it detected cars pulling in, it would ring a doorbell in the house.  Which gave us ample time to put our bras on… or hide.  ????   Whichever option was […]

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Homemade Jack-o-Lantern


Wooden Jack-o-Lantern DIY

We, and a bunch of friends, are doing a fun little story tour over on Instagram.  It’s ALL THINGS PUMPKINS.  As soon as we made the pumpkin theme, I knew what I wanted to do – a wooden jack-o-lantern!  I take photos of lots of things that I know Deb could make when I’m out […]

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