Old Time Pottery Pumpkin DIY - Deb and Danelle


Old Time Pottery Pumpkin DIY

Did you see my reel over on Instagram?   I got this idea of making a pumpkin to look the same way as my yellow ware collection.  I have been collecting antique yellow ware bowls for YEARS…  probably since my early 20s actually.  The bowls have a patina that is unlike anything new today.  You know […]

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What to do with an antique architectural piece

Fall Decor

$5 Yard Sale Find

Remember when I shared my haul with you from the 127 Yard Sales?  We found so many great things.  I always say that I will share what I end up doing with the pieces, and since we aren’t in the house yet, a lot of items are being stored….  aka setting behind a piece of […]

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Tuesday's Treasure - CIY Coffee Table or Bench


Tuesday’s Treasure – DIY Coffee Table or Bench

As I stated last week, our Tuesday project has changed names.  Three times to be exact.  It was first Trashed Tuesday, then Transformation Tuesday, and now Tuesday’s Treasure… which is what it will be.  Basically, Deb hangs out in the workshop on Tuesdays and creates a great project.  She makes some of the coolest things […]

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Neutral Valentine's Day Sign - Deb and Danelle


Neutral Valentine’s Sign in the Kitchen

I wanted to throw together a neutral Valentine’s Day look in the kitchen here at the cottage.  I’m not a huge decorator for Valentine’s Day, but thought it would be cute for something different.  I used a lot of what I had for this look.  But, also made a neutral heart sign for the occasion […]

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Transformation Tuesday – Christmas Tree Collar to Plant Stand

Did you catch the name change?   We originally called this little series Trashed Tuesday.  It was where we would take things people discarded or items that were donated, and give them a makeover.  Do you remember the mirror we shared for a Trashed Tuesday project?  That was probably one of my favorite makeovers.    I […]

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DIY Heart Tray - Deb and Danelle


DIY Wooden Heart Tray

  I asked Deb to make a little wooden heart tray for Valentine’s Day.  She loves little projects like this so I knew she would be all for it.  I had this thought to make it out of wood and then add some type of a metal edge around the outside.  She keeps little scrap […]

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Trashed Tuesday: Bowling Ball Flip

I am posting this kind of late.  If you missed why everything is a little wonky here over the last couple of weeks, check out my first post of the new year!  It explains everything.  This Trashed Tuesday project was done several weeks ago and I am just getting the energy to post over here […]

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Wooden Christmas Trees - DIY

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Trashed Tuesday – Wooden Christmas Trees

If you are new around here, you need to know about Trashed Tuesdays.  No, it doesn’t mean Deb and I sit around and drink until we get trashed.  It is us creating something out of things that would normally be thrown away.  Normally, it’s a repurposed item from something we were going to donate. Sometimes […]

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