How to decorate on a budget


My Latest Thrift Store Flip using Crackle Medium

I asked over on Instagram stories this past weekend what the people wanted to see:  a thrift store flip or a styling session with a few items that we found at the Springfield Flea Market.  There were an overwhelming amount of people wanting to see a thrift store flip.  So that’s what I did on […]

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How to make your own candle


How to Make your own Candle

I’ve been talking a lot about styling each room individually recently and it’s been way easier for me to focus.  Because I have adult ADD.  Well, I am currently working on getting the dining room put together.  I have about 1/3 of it styled and have been working here and there on the other parts.  […]

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How to Make your own Linen Spray


How to Make your own Linen Spray

Did you know you can make your own linen spray?  I was looking online for some linen spray to buy.  And, of course, I wanted it to be CLEAN. Because if you are spraying something on your bedsheets, you want it not to contain poisons.  The kind I was looking at was pretty expensive and […]

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How to make a laminate headboard look like an antique

All Things Bedroom

How to make a Laminate Headboard look like an Antique

We are currently working on our bedroom. When we moved into the house mid-December, we basically just plopped down our bedroom furniture.  And called it a day.  Well, it’s time to get the ball rolling and get that room decorated and put together.  I bought a tufted headboard about a year ago.  I loved it […]

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DIY Soap dish, woods and whites decor


DIY Soap Dish

OK… I just think this is the cutest idea ever.  I saw someone else make this little soap dish over on Instagram and I had to try it out.  And, if you like quick little DIYs, you will love this, too.  I shared it on a reel during the blizzard last week, but I haven’t […]

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One-of-a-Kind Wooden Christmas Trees - Deb and Danelle


One-of-a-Kind Wooden Christmas Trees

  Deb made a few little wood Christmas trees last year. And, decided to make a few more this year for a giveaway we had.  This is a cute little project that is so simple and takes so little time. This year, she made them all a little different than the ones last year.  And […]

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Old Time Pottery Pumpkin DIY - Deb and Danelle


Old Time Pottery Pumpkin DIY

Did you see my reel over on Instagram?   I got this idea of making a pumpkin to look the same way as my yellow ware collection.  I have been collecting antique yellow ware bowls for YEARS…  probably since my early 20s actually.  The bowls have a patina that is unlike anything new today.  You know […]

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What to do with an antique architectural piece

Fall Decor

$5 Yard Sale Find

Remember when I shared my haul with you from the 127 Yard Sales?  We found so many great things.  I always say that I will share what I end up doing with the pieces, and since we aren’t in the house yet, a lot of items are being stored….  aka setting behind a piece of […]

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