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Cottage Kitchen Tour

I posted this reel over on Instagram last week and realized something.  I don’t know if I have ever shared our entire cottage kitchen.  Which totally shocks me since we have been here almost a year already.  And that’s another thing that shocks me.  One whole year living in this cottage.   If you are new […]

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Spring Mantel - Deb and Danelle

Spring Decor

Simple Spring Mantel

I told you that I was into decorating for spring.  Decorating is something that I have to be in the mood for.  My creative is strange.  If I am not really in the mood, it will not happen.  I can’t force it.  So when I started feeling like I wanted to add a little spring, […]

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Spring in the Kitchen-Flower Arrangement - Deb and Danelle

Spring Decor

Adding Artificial Spring Flowers to the Kitchen

Well.. it’s that time.  I am ready to start adding a little spring to our rooms.  I go through a period of time after Christmas that I have no desire to do much in the way of home decor.  We go all out for Christmas so I think I need a little break.  I was […]

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Coffee Bar Supplies - Deb and Danelle

All Things Kitchen

Coffee Station Supplies and Decor

We don’t have a large enough space to make a real coffee bar here at the cottage.   So I recently decided to create a small coffee station.  It’s actually a corner, but that’s all we need.  I wanted to keep all of our coffee supplies together and add some decor to make it look pretty.   […]

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Neutral Valentine's Day Sign - Deb and Danelle


Neutral Valentine’s Sign in the Kitchen

I wanted to throw together a neutral Valentine’s Day look in the kitchen here at the cottage.  I’m not a huge decorator for Valentine’s Day, but thought it would be cute for something different.  I used a lot of what I had for this look.  But, also made a neutral heart sign for the occasion […]

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