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Backyard Makeover on a Budget – Clothesline

If you are new here, we are living in a rental while we build our new house.  In order for us to NOT be miserable living in a house that’s not ours, we decided to give the backyard a makeover on a budget.  We spend every freaking minute that we can in our outdoor spaces. […]

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Backyard makeover fire pit

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget – Fire Pit

All I can tell you is to put out an APB… All Points Bulletin… to all of your friends. For years, Deb and I have this agreement with friends.  If one of us NEED something regarding a home improvement project, just text.  We will all keep our eyes out for the item.  I will never […]

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Backyard Makeover in a rental

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget – Limestone Slabs

I already shared that we are going to give this backyard at the rental a makeover on a budget.  We love being outside and love lots of different areas to hang.  This backyard isn’t functional AT ALL.  We love vegetable gardens, fire pits, barbecue areas, etc.   And since we will be here all summer, it […]

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget – Plans and Before Pictures

Well…   Plans sure do change at the drop of a dime, don’t they?  We truly thought our new build would have at least been started by now.  We were hoping we would be in there doing our finishing work by mid-summer.  And moving in by the end of summer.   But, we finally admitted to ourselves […]

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Fall Tour of the Backyard - House on Winchester

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Fall Tour of the Backyard

I have no clue why I was so excited to share our outside with you for Fall. I am absolutely loving the Fall colors and the warmth it brings to our home. Lots of you have commented that you cannot believe I love the color. Well… I think if it were a huge commitment … […]

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Backyard Workshop

Last week, I shared with you MY creative space.  Being the smallest bedroom in the house, it performs double duty as an office and my craft room.  I love having a room specifically for these needs.  It’s where I can start projects, have an A.D.D. moment, and forget all about it until the next day. […]

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Backyard Reveal

This is going to be a quick post with few words and lots of pictures, because I wrote a rather lengthy post yesterday on our gardening method, which I believe is the best evahhh.  And, I’ve already explained our previous backyard issues last week but I left you hanging without the AFTER pictures.  I wanted […]

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Fire pit, Campfire in the woods

All Things Outside

Our Fire Pit is Done

Remember when we did our first bigger project in the woods?  That project happened to be our fire pit.  We used products we already had laying around in the woods.  And got some pea gravel from the local stone quarry to finish it.  Well, we loved and used that fire pit so many times, but […]

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