A Walk Around the Woods this Week

  1. Teddee Grace says:

    I thought they were house slippers! Those Lion’s Mane Mushrooms! I grew up in northwest Missouri and the only mushrooms we dared eat were morels. I think, despite encouragement from your readers, I’d be leery of eating house slippers! But, if you do and survive, let us know how they taste!

  2. Teressa says:

    I bet if you offered your pictures on Etsy for download, people would love them. You have a good eye and your pictures are gorgeous!!!

  3. Michele Mozzetti says:

    DANDD…my favorite account to follow. Love everything you do. I bought some of those lion mane mushrooms this summer at a farmer’s market. They were quite spendy, but so tasty!

  4. Marianne in Mo. says:

    Great photos Deb! I had to google the lions mane mushrooms when you first showed them in stories, they were so captivating! We’ve had some interesting growths around our neck of woods, but none that pretty. I love to take my camera around in spring and fall, just to see what I can find!

  5. Mary says:

    Yes! Love when you share…ANYTHING! I too love to find the simple beauties in Nature. I absolutely LOVE hydrangeas. Can’t wait to see your fountain too????

  6. Rebecca says:

    Being in nature is medicine for the soul!! The land you two have for your home is a treasure trove!!!! What interesting mushrooms!!! You barn lights are gorgeous!!! And, I’m beyond excited to see the finished look of the pond deck!!! This is all coming together SO nicely!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

  7. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the lovely photos. I so enjoy seeing your place in the woods.

  8. […] the different things around the woods and would enjoy it.  Last week, I shared my first post taking you a walk around the woods.  And, I figured I would do the same this week.  It may be a regular thing just to […]

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