Camper Renovation: Kitchen Backsplash

  1. Beth Bricker says:

    Such a change! Love the look, and can’t wait to see the rest all finished. These projects are getting me through these days spent at home.

  2. cindy baugh says:

    I’m renovating a camper too. Love that wood look peel and stick and have a couple questions. Did you remove the trim around the window when you applied it and did you remove the vent hood to do that wall? You did a great job!

  3. Amy says:

    I love it!

  4. Barb says:

    Love this all so much. It’s such an extension of your home style. You’ve added so much pizzaz with so little $$ but lots of good planning and elbow grease. Your wallpaper really pushed things up a notch.
    Re windows. Would queen or king pillowcases make good curtains if gathered on rod? Just thinkin’.
    It’s all very inspiring. I am VERY SOUR today. Have no patience with people telling me they’re bored. If you’re over 70, figure it out. We’re all in this together so be grateful you have a nice home, food, etc. Yes, we are ALL restless but remember, a BORED person is a BORING person. Have a good one!!!

    • Karen Carroll says:

      I love that comment about “a bored person is a boring person”…I never thought about it like that, but you are absolutely right! Love being home and retired and we never get bored!!

    • Karen says:

      Also, Love the camper! What a difference. Can’t wait to see it completed. Are you going to show us a picture of the outside and do you have plans to renovate the outside too?

  5. Marie says:

    I am so in love w your renovation!!!! I so look forward to your daily posts! Can’t wait to see what else you have up your very talented sleeves !!!

  6. Kathy M says:

    I’m so in love with what you’ve done with the camper! I cannot handle dark spaces either. I completely understand what you mean about heavy and overwhelming. It’s a real physical reaction and feels very oppressive. That’s why this look will never go out of style for a lot of us. I’ve been painting everything white for almost 40 years! It’s so much fun to follow along. So enjoy you both on Instagram!

  7. Renée says:

    I love it, Danelle and Deb! You have created another design masterpiece! It’s beautiful and budget-friendly!

  8. Arlene says:

    Love love love this!!! I hope you don’t get bored as your daily posts on instagram sure give me something to look forward to! You are both sooooooooo talented.

  9. Pam Walton says:

    What an awesome update!!! Thank you for all your reno savvy ideas!
    Watch you and Deb daily! Love your decor style!
    You two are inspirational!

  10. Mary Sturgeon says:

    Love it!!!! It is beautiful! You won’t want to move out and into your new house????

  11. Shelly says:

    Beautiful! You two do such a great job on everything! Love it!

  12. Cheryl Brazie says:

    Looks great so far…can’t wait to see it all put together. Thanks for all the info.

  13. Pammie says:

    Love all of it.. love love the wood tones and white myself too.. what color white did you use in house on Winchester?? Y’all please keep the post and stories coming..❤️❤️❤️

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Thanks so much! The walls in the House on Winchester were SW Pearly White

  14. […] weather is really dumb.  It may seem like we are bouncing back and forth between this project and the camper.  And, we are.  When it isn’t raining, we will be working on the backyard.  When its cold […]

  15. Dee Ann says:

    I think you’ve done an awesome job, Deb too. But every thing y’all do is pretty much awesome. It’s inspiring.

  16. Diana Duarte says:

    You inspired me to do this to my camper trailer, we keep in the mountains in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I can’t wait to go back and finish, its 3 hours away. Thank you Deb and Danelle. You ladies rock!????
    Lady Di
    From Texas

  17. […] woods and whites theme that I love so much.  I chose wallpaper that looked like wood for the backsplash in the kitchen and used the same wallpaper as an accent wall in the bedroom.  And, I chose a woodland theme […]

  18. […] much work to it.  Which includes the dining room wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper, painted cabinets, kitchen backsplash, and recently the kitchen countertops.  I have seen this vinyl self-adhesive peel and stick […]

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