Camper Renovation: Kitchen Countertops

  1. Erica says:

    It looks great as always!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Thanks so much! We are having so much fun with this. Now I can’t wait to take it camping.

    • Shawn says:

      Absolutely love it!! A+! I get so many ideas from you ladies!

    • Anonymous says:

      Had to look twice. Didn’t realize it was a sticky paper. It really looks authentic in the pictures. Hope it holds up!! Nice job!!

  2. kristen says:

    Awesome! Looks amazing

  3. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love it! It looks fantastic! ????♥️

  4. Dee Ann says:

    You make me want to renovate a camper, but I’d have to dump my husband and find a Deb (or Danelle) because he isn’t into that ????

  5. Kathy says:

    Wow! What a difference, it looks great. Such a cost effective way to improve the appearance. Great job! Maybe I’ll get brave enough to give this a try once I can get someone over to give me a hand.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Your work is impeccable as always! You have such a good eye!

  7. Wendy says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!!!

  8. Cheryl says:

    It looks amazing! Love the changes to the camper! We have a 2004 Class A motorhome. When I showed my husband your pictures, he said it looked great, but don’t get any ideas ???? ???? ????

  9. Barbara says:

    Brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant!! Because these ugly camper interiors have been the bane for so many years, I really appreciate your vision & execution!!! You gals are simply the BEST @ whatever you tackle ????????❤????????

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Thanks so much! We are having a blast working on it. (Whether Deb says she isn’t or not.. she is. LOL)

  10. Lee Kuhn says:

    Well I think it turned out beautiful & so stinkin cozy! Who wouldn’t want to camp in this?
    I think once you start on your home you will be so comfortable in this during the time you spend in it & actually enjoy it.

  11. Mary Sturgeon says:

    AMAZING!!! Great job!!! Makes me want to buy a camper(almost ????)

  12. Kristin says:

    I love it!! It looks just beautiful!! I’ve been thinking of doing this to my janky rental countertops, bur was nervous about how complicated it might be. This really helped!! Thank you!!

  13. Emily304 says:

    I can’t believe that’s paper!!!

  14. Marie says:

    How did you do the curved part of the counter(the edges)

  15. MaryLisa says:

    It looks like quartz! Very impressive!!!! I don’t put hot stuff on my counters either. Great job!

  16. Shannon says:

    What’s next with the camper? I’ll be anxious to see what you do with the cushions in the dining area. Or did I miss that post????? The cushions are the worst part of a camper I’ve redone them once but would love to see what your doing with yours.

  17. Wendy Cross says:

    It looks just lovely! I was wondering how thick the vinyl is.

    Great job!!!

  18. Joanne Kingsbury says:

    It looks amazing…love the wood & white. If you get a chance check out on IG troopnashville to see what they have done with re-do’s on campers. We went and looked at one that they did & it’s beautiful. Just out of our price range.. I wish I had you guys talent!!

  19. Paula Warren says:

    Fabulous!! So neat to see you girls tackle jobs I would be terrified to try. Maybe the more I watch you the more challenged I get!!

  20. Kim says:

    You gals are amazing – I cannot believe the before and after pictures – it looks AMAZING!!!!!! Great Job

  21. Peggy says:

    It’s gorgeous. I absolutely love it and it is perfect for the camper.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love it! It looks amazing! If you need a buyer when you’re done with it, hit me up!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The buyer is me…Greta ????

  24. Marie says:

    Oh my gosh this looks so fab!!!!! Ty for always sharing!

  25. Candace says:

    Countertop looks fab! So did you start with the backsplash then fold right into the countertop? I would love to see a pic after caulking.

  26. Shelly says:

    Im most interested in the trimming process. When it came to trimming off the excess on the rounded corners and front edges was it difficult? Thank you!

  27. Brenda says:

    It looks fantastic!! Very smart in not rolling over the edges of the counters, ask me how I know this. haha! I love the contrast you have created with the wood walls. What type of window treatments are you going with? You may have said in one of your posts 🙂

  28. Jordan says:

    We bought contact paper to put on the counters… would that work?

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      I have never used regular contact paper so I cannot answer that question. This paper is very thick and looks like vinyl.

  29. Elizabeth Butcher-Scott says:

    Love the marble look vinyl on the counter! Looks much better than before pics. I know about the peel and stick thing, it is so hard to smooth it down. I have several glittery and other vinyls(thin) I use for greeting cards, etc. and also stick them on glass jars for tealight candle(using empty pickle jars or canning jars), sometimes they get crooked and I have to restick them in a proper position the way I need them to do(like sports logo, they need to be straight like the logos!). The tealight candles, I do sell them at deaf events. But I can make for some other people who wants to buy them from me. I do love to see camper renovations too, I have seen other websites about renovations in campers, what to not do and what to dos, lots of tips from owners, all interesting. I so want a camper but money issues is the pits!

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