Camper Renovation Ideas – Dining Table

  1. Mary Baldwin says:

    Ed wants to know if your camper has a metal structure or 2 X 4 boards? If metal, how did Deb secure the framework for the dining table?

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Our camper has metal beams all around the top and bottom and what runs up and down through the walls are 2x2s. She attached the table to those.

  2. […] removed the typical dinette set in the slide out and replaced it with a floating shelf type table.  Which was THE SIMPLEST project ever.  One of the things that made THE BIGGEST […]

  3. […] (slide out).  We replaced the banquette type table that most campers have and replaced it with a floating shelf table.  We painted all of the cabinets and then gave the countertops a fresh look with peel and stick […]

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