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Antique Finds

Our Small Antique Haul from Last Week

We went to the Springfield Ohio Flea Market Extravaganza last week. I shared a few things that we were looking for in this post.  Sadly, we were unable to attend like we normally do.  The weather was TERRIBLE.  Our tradition every year is to head down on Thursday, spend the night, and then shop early […]

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Springfield Flea Market find

Antique Finds

What We Will be Looking for at the Springfield Flea Market

Deb and I have our little traditions that we do every year.  One of those traditions is shopping the Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza in Springfield, Ohio.  They hold flea markets every month at the Clark Country Fairground and I believe most everything is inside the buildings. However, in May and September, they hold the Extravaganza, […]

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Antique Finds

Vintage Finds from our Vacation Last Week

We took a week off from all work and ran to North Carolina to visit my sister and her hubs last week. It was kind of a last minute trip.  When I say last minute, I mean about a week and a half before we decided we could take no more clouds.  Both Deb and […]

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Antique Finds

My Small Antique Haul from last Week

 You know I love a great antique haul.  I also love sharing them and I do when I find some great pieces. Well.. I found some great pieces this past weekend so here we are.  We stopped at a thrift store randomly one day when we were doing errands which I brought something home for […]

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McCoy Buccaneer Pirate Mug Green Pottery

Antique Finds

My Small Antique Haul this Week

We visit thrift stores quite frequently and when we do, I keep my eyes peeled for antiques.  When I say antiques, I’m not really talking about furniture… it’s more about my collections.  I have a huge collection of yellow ware bowls, brown mixing bowls, white ironstone, rolling pins, antique sponge ware, and more.  I don’t […]

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Home Tour

Our Small Antique Haul this Week

Deb and I ran to Costco a few days back to get some food for the upcoming snow storm this weekend.  Ha!  Not really because of the snow storm but I like to act like we did.  There is a storm coming in the next day or two, which was supposed to be snow.  And, […]

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Watts Apple Pottery Collection - Thrifted Collection

Antique Finds

A Small Antique Haul: Watt Apple Pottery

I had my monthly massage yesterday.  While I LOVE massages, I don’t like appointments.  Ha!  But they are a must for me.  My shoulders and back muscles will get so tense, which in turn give me terrible headaches.  Headaches that are so bad that I have shooting nerve pain into my head.  It has actually […]

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Antique Haul

Antique Finds

Our Antique Haul from the Springfield Extravaganza

Well another Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market is in the history books.  Man did we have a great time.  We did our normal tradition of leaving home on Thursday afternoon and spending the night somewhere close to Springfield, OH. And then shopping until we drop all day Friday.  This year the weather was absolutely perfect for […]

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