Chicken Apple Pecan Salad – Wendy’s Dupe

  1. Lori says:

    I’ve done several versions of this salad over the years, pre-Wendy’s !! Goat cheese or feta is also good, and here’s a cheaper option for reduced-sugar cranberries:

  2. Elizabeth Butcher-Scott says:

    I am not a blue cheese person but I use goat cheese either the honey one or the original flavored goat cheese. I do love the chicken Apple Pecan salad and rather have raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette which is my favorite dressing.

  3. Gail says:

    I need more info on the chicken. Do you use boneless, skinless breasts, other cuts….store brand, organic, Tyson’s, Purdue? Cook them whole,, and cut up after they are cooked, or cook pre-cut pieces? My boyfriend has a Ninja. What setting…air fry, bake, other, and what temperature do you cook the chicken at? We’ve found the actual recipes from Ninja work better for us if we reduce the temperature and cut the time almost in half. Otherwise, everything seems to come out dry and overcooked.
    Thanks, this salad is everything I love!!
    Another good one , if you haven’t tried it, is the Fuji apple, chicken salad from Panera. (I have them leave off the onions)

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