Easy Custom-Made Patio Buffet Table

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow you are so blessed to have Deb…and she you!! I just love everything you girls do!! ❤❤❤
    Now for you small buffet table..wow oh wow!! ????????????
    It came out so great…and Deb did a great job!! Love, love, love it!! ????

  2. Salli says:

    I love it. I need a Deb!

  3. Wish i had afriend like Deb!Better still,I wish i knew how to make some of the things i see on the many sites i visit,i’d love to make some cute benches or other things to sit on with pallets and cinder blocks etc,i just find it difficult getting started…I love yard & garage sales,estate sales & flea markets too but i get soo overwhelmed because there are soo many things i see and want but have no game plan <3

  4. Debbie says:

    I love it!! And what took her 30 minutes would take me all day! ???????? Love this post and I really enjoyed the garden tour of the cottage account you shared today on stories. Looking forward to the rest of the tours!

  5. Karen says:

    Your space is so beautiful!!! Why don’t you guys have parties??

  6. Kaz Hanlon says:

    I absolutely LOVE this, I also love how Deb offered to make you this with NO complaining…we love you Deb ????

  7. Jo P. says:

    Hi Danelle! I love that Deb just whipped you up a table because you wanted one! So sweet of her! I wish I had room for “all the things.” I’ve already junked up our pool area with too much stuff because I like it to feel full and cozy too, lol. I’ve seriously got to learn to edit. I hope the weather stabilizes for y’all soon! I lived in Greenville Indiana for 4 years so I know how erratic the weather can be there. I hated the cold so much, I left before hubbys 4:years were up there and bought a house in Coastal MS, where it’ has only a 3 month mild winter season and the cost of living is cheap. Yay! No more snow and freezing my buns off! Hope y’all have a great summer and good job on the table Deb! ????

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh geez…. that sounds like a wonderful place to live. Sometimes I would love to get out of Indiana, but most of the times I don’t. I’ve lived here my entire life and have so many friends and family here.

  8. Christine Marino says:

    Love this buffet table….what are the measurements you did for this….love it the way it is … Thank you

  9. Susan Hershey says:

    Very nice buffet table!!

  10. Farmer Troy says:

    Just found your blog today; it’s incredible. You guys have done an amazing job.
    Is the table freestanding or did you anchor it somehow (set the posts in a hole, anchor it to the wall, etc)?

    Also, I agree with the above comments – everyone need a Deb!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahah thank you! And she attached it with a few long screws to that garage door.

  11. Sue Passmore says:

    Where could I find the words that say Get your cocktails on? Would love to have some to make a sign like yours.


    • Danelle Harvey says:

      I got them from FlashArc Design in Decatur, IN.. I believe they have social media pages and maybe even a website.

  12. […] finally summer.   I shared the cute little buffet table that Deb whipped up in 30 minutes but I didn’t show you the entire pergola.  It got a […]

  13. Linda Gill says:

    Loved it. I was trying to think where ppl I could have something like that

  14. Elaine Lindsey says:

    This is absolutely stunning you know I think I’m going to have my so. In law make one for me I like the rustic look and it just feels like home Deb is so talented and such a hard worker but then again so are you.. I love everything about your house

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