Different Ways to use an Old Farmhouse Dishrack

  1. Kara says:

    This is super cute! I’m wondering, do you have a tip for cleaning, dusting? I guess I’m wondering how you keep everything so shiny and dust free 🙂

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      AND… we usually hire a house cleaner once a month for a good cleaning and we use a swiffer between times. We don’t have a housecleaner here at the rental.

  2. Sandy A says:

    I actually use this rack as a dish drying rack. My husband applied several coats of sealer, and it has stood up for a long time now with no chipping, or marks on my dishes. I love the rustiness. Your wooden spoons are a perfect fit…as are the dishes! Just love you both—your decor, styling and DIY’s!!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      That’s great to hear. I heard from someone else who uses it specifically for her drying dishes and has never had an issue. Thank you!

  3. Raylene Messina says:

    You have a tall glass jar on a copper pedestal (with a spicket). Do you use that for sangria, lemonade, iced tea, etc and do you find you use it more often having it out?? I have a jar with spicket, but it doesn’t have a base to sit on. It’s in a closet and I hardly ever use it. May I add I love, love all your decor. I love all the white combined with the wood. I also collect cutting boards and platters. My platters are also hidden in a closet LOL I did take doors off one kitchen cabinet, but it houses my Guardianware pots. They are antiques, but I also like using them to cook (along with my cast iron.) I think I need a bigger house LOL.

  4. Kim says:

    Love these types of blogs. Here’s a stumper…. I’m drawn to salt dips. What uses can you come up with other than salt and potentially candle taper holders? Please!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh gosh.. those are a stumper. I had a few of those years ago and cannot remember what happened to them. Let me think on it. I would for sure display them as a little collection. Have you seen my butter pat display before? I had them all in a big wooden tool box on the wall. If you search our old pantry in the house on Winchester, you will see it hanging beside that.

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