Health Update:  Hair Loss After Covid

  1. Cindy Haire says:

    I had covid in May of 22, I just started losing my hair this October. I have very fine hair but a lot of it so it does not show like yours did. However I totally understand your distress over it because our hair is part of who we are.
    Someone told me to use castor-oil where I part my hair twice a week. ( it’s hard to wash out) however it has worked and my hair loss has stopped.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      I am so glad your hair loss has stopped! Thanks for sharing the castor-oil trick! I have been researching all sorts of tips and tricks.

  2. Kellie Larsen says:

    Danelle…I just finished chemo in March of this year..lost all my hair, my lashes and my brows and every other hair on my body. While I didn’t mind losing it in some places…I was heartbroken to lose it on my head, lashes and brows. It is so much of our identity! Any, check into Keranique, if you haven’t already. My hair is growing back in leaps and bounds. Hang in there, girl!! It will get better!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      I am so sorry to hear this, Kellie. I can’t imagine also losing my brows and lashes, as well. I am familiar with the brand name so I will have to look into their products a little more. Thanks for sharing!! I’m so glad you hear that your hair is coming back!

  3. Kellie Larsen says:

    Also…I just saw an ad on Instagram and tik tok for this company… here is a link to the ad. She talks about losing hair after covid. 📸 Watch this video on Facebook

  4. Suzanne says:

    I’ve been following along on IG and came to the blog to see if you had had any luck with products. I had Covid in Sept, but also went through my husband’s cancer diagnosis and treatment and the very sudden, tragic, unexpected loss of my mother the beginning of the year. The significant hair loss started in November and the docs feel it is a combination of trauma and post-Covid loss. Like you I was shedding heavily but until I had that head pain and mass loss really didn’t pay it as much attention.
    I always feel guilty saying anything because I have always been blessed with long, thick hair that people would comment on, and even with 50% of it gone people will say “oh seriously? You have a full head of hair”… but to me it is devastating.
    Thank you so much for sharing. It has really helped.

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