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Probiotics and Prebiotics: Why We Chose Seed

Do you take a prebiotic and/or a probiotic?  I have heard about them for years.  But I didn’t understand the importance of them.  And, I didn’t take the information about them too seriously.. until the last couple of years. We have been really focusing on our health and doing everything we can to prevent future […]

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Happy New Year – 2022

Do you even believe it?  it’s 2022.  I was thinking a few weeks back how the year 2,000 seems like 5 years ago.  All of the babies born in the year 2,000 have already graduated high school, possibly college, and are already at legal drinking age.  I cannot even believe it! I have had several […]

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Getting Back into Workouts

This post is sponsored by Backcountry and ShopStyle Collective.  All opinions are my own.   Use code DEBDANELLE15 for 15% off your first order at (exclusions apply)   I have recently made a commitment to MOVE MORE.  I should actually say MOVE period.   ???? Not even kidding.  Working out at the gym 3-4 times […]

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Walmart Membership+ - Deb and Danelle


Walmart+ Membership

This post is sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle.  All opinions are my own. If you haven’t heard about the new Walmart+ membership, you’re in for a treat! It’s so convenient as far as saving time and money because it includes free next-day or two-day shipping on any item from Walmart. Best part?  No minimum order […]

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Our Favorites of 2020

Hello 2021.  You are gladly welcomed! I wanted to take this moment to thank every one of you for reading these little old posts of mine and following along on social media.  Every comment and LIKE is GREATLY appreciated.  Without all of you, this gig would not be possible.  Last year, I remember sharing lots […]

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Top Ten Posts of 2020

I love recapping a year.  Looking back at what was fun for you guys to hear about gives me lots of great ideas for the new year.  2020 was INSANE.  But, I don’t have to remind you of that.  A lot of fun things happened too.  While I was looking over the top ten posts […]

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Barkbox - Deb and Danelle


BarkBox – A Gift for Your Pup

This post is sponsored by BarkBox and ShopStyle.  All opinions are mine. Ivy Rose is a huge hit over on our Instagram stories.  Her personality fits us so well and she seems like she is part human because of her expressions.  Her eyebrows move up and down when we are talking to her and I […]

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Deb and Danelle and Verb Energy Bars

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Verb Energy Bars – A 90 Calorie Snack

This post is written in collaboration with Verb Energy, Co.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. You guys know that I am always on the hunt for the best low calorie snacks.  Verb Energy bars have been all the rage over on social media for awhile now.  I’ve heard so many people talking about […]

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