May Fireplace Mantel with Walls of Wisdom

  1. Velvet says:

    Thank you Danelle & Deb
    for the info about your fireplace! I,m a newcomer to the whole decorating vintage style. I look at your home every day. Even tho, I seen some of them more than once, I look at them again. I never get tired. Of them.

  2. Shannon says:

    I like the lamp behind the fig tree? Where does it come from?

  3. Pam says:

    Hi girls. What size sign from Walls of Wisdon did you get. I love your styled mantel. Thanks

  4. Mary Sturgeon says:

    Love this! I looked up that pillow when you first listed it and it was all ready gone????. We have a mantle and the sides that we are selling(1997era????). I told my husband to list it for sale and advertising that it would be a great DIY project. He was like..”why?” I was trying to explain how some people are creative and would make it look old and cool looking but he doesn’t believe me????

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