Products that I am using for My Hair Loss

  1. Regina says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing the products you are using to regrow your hair! I have a question regarding the Navy serum. You mention that you’ve been using it for years, and then say that you were thinning at the temples when you lost your hair after Covid. Were you using this product already when you got Covid, but you were still thinning at the temples? But, it has helped with hair growth post Covid? I’m trying to
    decide if I should add this one to the regime for growing hair back. My temples are thin.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Hi, Regina! I think it is worth a try from my own experience. I started using this years ago when I was experiencing thinning around my temples (not Covid related). I thought it helped tremendously. With Covid, I experienced all over hair loss and I continued to use this product to help with regrowth.

  2. GeriR says:

    Hi Danelle. So glad Amber from Amazing Hair Savior contacted you. It’s an amazing product and has helped my hair through & post menopause. Highly recommend!

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