DIY Headboard Idea

If you follow us over on Instagram or Facebook, you already know we launched a collection with Antique Farmhouse.  As you know, their collections don’t last long, so grab anything you want ASAP.  That collection included some half columns that looked like true vintage pieces.  The moment I saw them, I thought “headboard.”  I asked […]

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Quick Technique to Make New Wood Look Old

Deb and I used to own a storefront.  We sold lots of home decor, repurposed, and painted furniture.  We had LOTS of practice chalk painting furniture and making homemade pieces.  I think everyone has their own technique and Deb came up with a really cool way of painting furniture to make new wood look old.  […]

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Jewelry Cabinet from a window


How to Make a Jewelry Cabinet or Medicine Cabinet from a Window

  I recently asked you over on Instagram what you wanted to see from Deb this new year.  I’ve never seen so many SAME answers on any poll I’ve taken. ????  “DIY Projects” was the number one request by a landslide.  So, we are kicking off the new year with her first DIY project in […]

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How to make a vintage looking Christmas tree

Winter Decor

How to Make Your Own Vintage Looking Feather Tree

I recently shared how to make vintage looking Santa ornaments out of paper mache.  All of the memories came flooding back of all of my craft days I had when I was a young mom.  My friends and I had “craft days”.   It was when we all got together and made different things that one […]

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Handmade Santas - House on Winchester

Winter Decor

How to Make Vintage Looking Santa Ornaments from Paper Mache

  I shared these Santa ornaments last year over on Instagram and you guys LOVED them.  I made them probably in the early 90s.  They have traveled through time with me.  I’ve donated a lot of my older decorations but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to let go of these.  They have been […]

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How to make a simple artificial flower arrangement - House on Winchester


How to Make a Simple Artificial Flower Arrangement

Making a perfect flower arrangement can feel pretty overwhelming.  Where do I start?  How do I know where to place the flowers so my flower arrangement looks cohesive.  What container do I use?  Well, I have a few little tricks that I follow.  So, I thought I should let you guys know of a simple […]

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How to Make New Wood Look Old using Paint and Stain

Trying to get new wood to look old sometimes feels overwhelming.  Theres nothing like original patina when it comes to both painted and stained projects.  But I have a really easy way of accomplishing this task.  I mean….REALLY easy. ???? We recently repurposed an old gun rack into a little cubby.  I told all about […]

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A Repurposed Gun Rack

I know, I know, I know, I know… that doesn’t sound too exciting, does it?  A repurposed gun rack.  But “how to repurpose a gun rack into a cubby” sure does.

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