January Fireplace Mantel

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January Fireplace Mantel Decor

I’ve come to a decision.  I love styling fireplace mantels. ????????‍♀️  Maybe it’s because it’s a new thing.  The television was above the fireplace in the last two homes we owned, so there was no styling them.  EVER.  Since we brought this fireplace mantel back from Alabama, I have styled it so many different ways.  […]

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What to do when the Christmas decor is down

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Ideas for Decor After Christmas

The Christmas decor is down.  I never in a million years thought I would be unhappy about that, but all of the twinkling lights gave this turd of a rental life.  I had three larger trees with white lights in this tiny house and approximately 645 smaller ones.  ???? The space is EMPTY… and I’m […]

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Boutique Rugs, Rental

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New Rugs in the Rental Living Room

With this rental house being so small, I get tired of the same-old same-old as far as decor.  I decided to liven things up a bit over the next several months until we get into our new house.  I figured I would get a few new home decor pieces here and there, and maybe walk […]

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Christmas decor, Elegant

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An Elegant Christmas Corner of the Living Room

You guys might not know this, but I do all of the decorating… It’s my job in this household.  It’s not that Deb can’t.. I just think she likes my style and would rather me take care of it.  Looking back throughout the years and at all of our homes, this has always been my […]

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Shutter head board, Christmas in the Bedroom at the rental

Winter Decor

Christmas in the Bedroom at the Rental

There really are only four rooms to decorate here at the rental so I decided I would for sure share ALL of them with you.  Well, the office could be decorated, but that is our catch-all room.  And then we get sick of it, pick it up, and start throwing junk in there again.  You […]

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Christmas at the Living Room at the rental - House on Winchester

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Christmas in the Living Room – Woodland and Deer Theme

I FINALLY got all of our Christmas decor out and dispersed in our little 1156 square foot rental house.  For those of you new here, we are renting a space until we get our new home built next Spring.  ???????? The time cannot come fast enough.  ???? Especially for Deb.  Deb is stuggling with the […]

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Christmas Tree in Dining Room at Rental - House on Winchester

Winter Decor

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

I think the easiest way to add a holiday look to your home is with artificial wreaths.  Literally… place a command strip on any door, window, or antique cupboard and hang a wreath. ????????‍♀️  It’s just so simple and it dresses up really anything.  Sometimes I tie a simple knot in a piece of ribbon […]

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Tall antique pine cabinet

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Antique Cabinet in the Dining Room

I have been asked by several people, “Why are you putting so much money into a rental?”  I think I may write a post on “How to Decorate a Rental for Free” soon.  ???? Because, you guys… We have not put ONE DIME in this rental.  We hung our own antique cabinets for extra storage […]

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