The Back Stairway in the House is Complete

  1. Jo Ann Miller says:


  2. Shannon says:

    As I read this in my living room I’m looking at my similar stairway, although unpainted! My house was built in 1916. I love it!!!!

  3. Linda says:

    I keep commenting with “I love it or it’s gorgeous” but that’s how I feel. So thrilled for both of you to have this beautiful space to call your forever home🙌
    So, one more time…😂….the stairway is spectacular.👍🏻

  4. Rebecca+Bleā says:

    Your home is stunning! Everything looks amazing! I’m extremely happy for both of you and Miss Ivy too. I can’t wait to watch your vision in placing your furniture and decorating it and cozy fires in your gorgeous fireplaces, music playing from your speakers. I’m so giddy for you! ❤️🤗😍

  5. Mary Newland says:

    The front and back staircases are fantastic. The newell posts are perfect and are exactly like the ones in my grandmothers 115 year old home. Classic and sturdy just like wonderful old farmhouses!

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