The Story Behind our Pieces – Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

  1. Wendy Cross says:

    It’s such a lovely piece and I love it’s history. Now you’ve inspired me to make something with one of my old stained glass/leaded windows!

  2. Carol says:

    Beautiful. I can understand why you didn’t want to sell it. It’s very special when someone you love creates something. Thanks for sharing the history.

  3. Cat says:

    I love it so much! You both are so talented!

  4. Katye says:

    I love this new series you’re doing!! So much fun reading about your beautiful pieces!!! And I wouldn’t have sold it either! Deb did a great job on it!!

  5. La Donna Sullivan says:

    The medical cabinet looks great. I’m also glad you’ve kept it, especially since Deb worked so hard on it. She does good work & is so creative, yall work so well together, you complete each other, a great combo..It’s so wonderful you two got together! ❤ ❤

  6. Lisa Geraty says:

    That is so cool and I can’t wait to see what Deb creates once you all are settled. I’ve only been following since mid-year 2020 so anything before the camper refresh I missed. But, let me tell ya, once I saw what you all were doing to that camper, I was HOOKED! Never miss your stories.

  7. Shelly says:

    Instead of moving the door, why don’t you turn it upside down (from the way you have it now). It might look better with the heavier part on the bottom making it less top heavy? Just a thought I had, since I can be lazy, less work! LOL????????

  8. Mary Sturgeon says:

    How it is this history! Goes to show that out of old, scrap bits and pieces , beauty can be made❤️ Thanks for sharing and bringing life back into vintage ❤️

  9. […] You need to know the history behind this piece.  I already shared the story behind our medicine cabinet and our antique wardrobe, so check them out if you missed those […]

  10. Anonymous says:

    I miss Tattered Treasures! I loved that store!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think it would be just as cute turned upside down

  12. L says:

    Love hearing your stories. Love how you re-purpose different items and put them all together. It’s Inspiring to everyone what you guys do!

  13. Kim says:

    I love each piece that has special memories and unique feels that you are adding – so pretty

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