The Story Behind our Yellow Ware Bowl Collection

  1. KarenDixon says:

    Hi there,, just wanted to comment on the lid you showed & put on the bowl. It may be a water cooler lid. I have seen blue & white stoneware cooler lids and Red Wing crock cooler lids before that have a similar shape. If you have google lens on your phone
    take a picture of it and you might get your answer.
    The green stoneware bowl w/lid I have
    has a knob type top.. the Red Wing cooler tops have the finger hole type lift like yours. Hope ya’ll fon’t mind all my comments. Karen D.

  2. Dana McCullar says:

    I too love seeing all your yellow ware pieces. I started collecting late 80’s and yes the prices skyrocketed in the 90’s. I had a really nice collection of rockingham as well, but after my divorce, feeding my children was more important than my collection:( Fortunately I was able to hang on to everything else and I treasure it. I too have a lid that fits nothing. Thank you for sharing all your finds! One of my favorite things to do daily is check out your pages and amazing decor. Dana

  3. Erica Smith says:

    Hey Deb & Danelle! WOWZERS your collection is so FANTASTIC! Once again taking my breath away! I love my yellow ware!! The lid os possibly off of an oven bake ware piece. They had them back in the turn of the century. The color bands tells you more about the yrs it was produced. Unfortunately yellow ware wasn’t marked prior to I think around the 1880’s then companies began using some marks like the crown, USA etc! Isn’t it so awesome the history of them? I love to think of the Great Great Great Gma’s that were fortunate enough to bring a bowl or 2 from Scotland, Ireland & England when they 1st came to America and all the bread or stews that the pot of gold (yellow) held! Lol they are pot’s of Gold for me anyway! I love Redware as well!! Oh heavens you’ll be collecting that next!! 🤣 Keep up the great post, I love everything y’all do!
    Blessings & Friendship,

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Thank you, Erica. I agree, the history behind each individual piece is amazing! I can tell you have a passion for your collection.

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