The Story Behind Our Pieces: Antique Hutch

  1. Sharon says:

    I love it, just looking at it, it looks like they have always been together, it’s beautiful…. and I love the whit ironstone collection. Mines not that big yet, you have gave me the desire to get back looking, I have missed that a lot, I didn’t know how much till I started following y’all… thank you.

  2. Whitney says:

    It is gorgeous! The pieces are perfect together. And those drawer pills are to die for!

  3. Mary says:

    It is perfection!

  4. Linda Yates says:

    I think this is probably my favorite piece! I love the look of the wood with all the white. (Notice think and probably…. I could change my mind with the next piece you feature) I just love all you do!

  5. Teddee Grace says:

    I love these two pieces too and am envious of the space between the shelves that allow for display of pitchers and taller pieces. I have a small secretary with a china cabinet on top that I like, but its shelves cannot accommodate very tall pieces. The hardware on the bottom is so beautiful.

  6. Rita says:

    The two pieces are perfect together. It was meant to be. I’ve enjoyed reading your stories behind the pieces of furniture. I don’t know if my kids will ever be interested in the few antique pieces that me or my mother have, but it’s a great idea to record its history.

  7. Sharon B says:

    Oh wow I Iove it! I thought it was 1 piece. You are so talented!♡

  8. Marina T. says:

    Honestly, vintage takes my breath away because its atmosphere fills me up with something magnificent and indescribable. I have a lot of vintage furniture in my house and any ware has its unique history that impresses me. I adore exploring the history and origin of antique goods. Your article has completely inspired me because the history of your goods is so fascinating. What is most incredible is that you started your antique collection at such a young age and that it has such a great importance in your life. It blew my mind that you have such a close connection with your hutch and that it is so valuable for you. You passed a really long path with this hutch and I think that these two pieces look definitely harmonic and gorgeous together. I like it!

    // Marina Teramond @ NMPL

  9. Linda says:

    I love your stories on your pieces of furniture. Pretty much how we started out too. I’m still sick that I let go of the first table we ever bought because my husband protected me in an ice storm always did the auction I was freezing to death. I have not tried the easy off method. But think I will. I wish I would’ve seen that before I painted the hutch black. But I really like the black. It has the same kind of handles the bottom piece of your hutch does and when I took them off and cleaned them with Brassow oh my gosh the details now on them are so gorgeous. Years would probably look really pretty if they were polished up.

  10. JW~ says:

    Great story! I have collected for 40+ years and love the stories behind each find/treasure❣

  11. Rosanne Zwiefelhofer says:

    If you only saw the huge piece I’m working on for my new laundry room! It’s in rough shape but you have given me so much inspiration. I am using the easy off method and it’s really coming together. Thank you!

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