Travel Necessities

  1. Jo P. says:

    Steer clear of the ice in your drinks or you and Deb will be playing dueling toilets! Also be careful of the fruit. We stayed on the toilet during an 8 day stay and we’d drag ourselves to the beach and get drunk when there was nothing else left on our insides hahaha! We ate the fruit and had ice in our drinks so they had to be the culprit. Better off sticking to beer like we finally wised up and did. Take plenty of diarrhea meds!!!!!!!!!!????????????

  2. Mimi Riley says:

    Oranges, pineapple, – fruits with a cover to peel should be ok. I wouldn’t try salads though

  3. Toni Lowman says:

    Activated charcoal helps with food/water poisoning. Also helps with hangovers! ????

  4. Susan says:

    I was in Ireland when there was some water problem county wide we were a group of 30 high school Sr’s they stressed to use straws no lettuce fruits you can peel was ok no fish that was cooked in water etc..amazingly the kids that took the coach seriously stayed healthy ( mostly the girls) they guys ( some removed from our hotel on stretchers ( this was serious shit ( no pun intended)) . This just a warning as to better safe than sorry..

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh my gosh… I never thought about food cooked in their water. ???? I will for sure be watching that.

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