Village House Display with Bottlebrush Trees

  1. Janie Fox says:

    Really cute! I’d love them mixed in with my ironstone!

  2. Karyn Hilton says:

    I love your village. I have about 30 bottle brush trees…maybe more! I only set up a Trees For Sale sign and group most of them together. I scatter a few here and there. Maybe a village next year. Thanks for your creativity!

  3. Rebecca Vorwald says:

    Loving the village display!! And that trash Tuesday with the mirror revamp…… ugh, I’m dying of jealousy!!!!! That turned out SO beautifully!!! Your grandsons are adorable!! One on one time with the birthday boy is so fun!!! The cottage is really looking fabulous!!! And your house plans…… ???????????????????????????????????????? SPECTACULAR!!!! Do excited for you to get started!!! My Thanksgiving was fabulous!! Hope yours was too!!! ✌????????

  4. Karyn Hilton says:

    I love your village. I love all you do! I love Deb’s CB projects. Two talented, creative gals. Keep goooiiinnnggg!!

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