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Starting the Pergola

Seriously, you guys.  I’m dying!  ???? If there was an emoji of a 150 year old rickety woman in a bed all wrapped up in bandages and in traction, I would certainly use that one.  We started our pergola yesterday.  You are probably just as excited as we are for the pure fact I’ve been […]

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Repurposed Concrete into Garden Paths

O.M.G. You guys, I’m dying.  We are STILL working on Project Backyard.  Just to refresh your memory, we rented a bobcat with a jack hammer attachment last week to bust up what was previously a basketball court in our backyard.  Half of the basketball court was all whopper jawed and the other half was in pretty […]

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Future Plans for the Back Patio

I thought I would jump on here and let you all know what we’ve been up to over the last several days, besides being exhausted and having broken backs.   I told you about our new trees we are having delivered and planted next week sometime.  Yay! This Weekend’s Shenanigans I’ve talked many times about […]

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Dining Room Mid-Way Through

OMG…..   I’ve had kind of an “off week.”  We’ve been very busy with a few jobs and then throw a holiday in there….with a million “neighborhood” fireworks – while Ivy paces back and forth inside the house – when we are trying to sleep at night.  It’s been a rough week.  UGH!  This holiday […]

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