The Whole 30 - Detox from Junk Food - House on Winchester


The Whole 30 Guide – Detox from Junk Food

The most quoted line in The Whole 30 book is this one:  “It is not hard.  Don’t you dare tell us this is hard.  Quitting heroin is hard.  Beating cancer is hard.  Drinking your coffee black is. Not. Hard.” That is basically the first line in The Whole 30 guide, which touched me to the […]

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How to pick out the perfect paint color - House on Winchester


How to Pick Out the Perfect Paint Color

How many times have you finished painting a room, and the color wasn’t at all what you had in mind?  You really wanted a gray wall and it ended up being blue.   You were going for a nice neutral beige, but somehow it has a green cast.  I’m going to let you in on […]

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Stairway landing - Best idea for dog crate - House on Winchester


Best Idea for a Dog Crate

I’m not going to lie.  Between our painting-of-the-garage project, getting ready for our small town’s Christmas walk that we were a part of, and getting ready for the holidays, I’m exhausted.  ???? And, with Christmas coming soon, I can hardly rest.  We have a few clients that need projects completed before Christmas so we have […]

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Simply Cottage Christmas decor - House on Winchester

Home Tour

Simple Winter / Christmas Decor in the Family Room

This past weekend was our small town’s Historic Christmas Walk and the House on Winchester was in it!  We are JUST recovering!  ???? Think about what your house looks like when you pull out all of your Christmas decor.  Add THAT to the fact that we always have a project going on.   Add THAT and […]

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