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What Products I use to Curl my Hair

  I know some of you may not give two shits about what products I use when I curl my hair.  BUT… it’s something I get asked about so much.  So, I thought I would throw together a quick post about it.    I think you know by now, although I may appear girly, I […]

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How to style a pedestal

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Five Ways to Use a Pedestal Tray in Your Kitchen

Click on the links or the individual product pictures to shop.   I recently purchased a cute little pedestal tray from Walmart.  It happened to be one of those ads on Facebook that sucked me in again… just like that gorgeous pillow.  Remember when I bought that from a Facebook ad?  ???? Anyways, this pedestal […]

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Traveling Essentials


Essential Items for a Quick Road Trip

I have been compensated by QVC and ShopStyle for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.   We will be taking another road trip soon.  It’s a short one this time… maybe 4 hours.  You know how much we love being stuck in the car for hours upon end.  ???? ????????  Topics […]

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Thick and Tangy Salsa


Thick and Tangy Salsa Recipe

I shared this over on Instagram and you know the rules.. I share here, too. Deb and I LOVE salsa.  We both love thick salsa with all of the veggies ground small…  Because our chips hold more that way.  ????  We have been making this SORT OF  fresh salsa FOREVER and get asked to bring […]

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Sertodo Copper

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Affordable Copper Pieces for the Kitchen

Do you remember when I shared my absolutely GORGEOUS set of mixing bowls from Sertodo?  Sertodo makes handmade, high quality investment pieces.  You know as well as I do that a lot of work goes into any type of handmade pieces and the price usually reflects that.  The people who make those handmade copper pieces are […]

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Tips for a Home Manicure


Home Manicure – Tips and Tricks

I can count on one hand the amount of manicures I have paid for.  As far back as I can remember, I have done my own.  Not only because of the money part of it, but because I don’t like to be pampered by salon girl.  I feel it’s such a waste of time.  You […]

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Schar Gluten free pizza


The Best Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Happy National Pizza Day of 2020! We decided to celebrate National Pizza Day, of course, by making a homemade pizza.  Our meals have to be very creative these days.  I already told you several times that I cannot eat gluten.  After not eating it for a year, my asthma and allergies have calmed way down.  […]

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woods and whites

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A Simple Re-Fresh for Spring with Woods and Whites

Click on the highlighted words or the individual photos to purchase.   I was recently scrolling Facebook and saw an ad for something that immediately caught my eye.  I fell for it and clicked on the ad.  It happened to be a gorgeous tassel pillow from Walmart.  I loved it so much that I ordered […]

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