A Simple Spring Look in the Kitchen

  1. Teddee Grace says:

    Love the rabbit print…and everything else.

  2. Michelle D. says:

    What are the little dishes in the basket used for? I love the home tours of your new house!

  3. I love, love following along with you everyday, several times a day! I’m always checking you out as I love the woods and whites, also. I’m loving your storage room! What I wouldn’t do to have that space! I love how you accomplish something every single day. I’m like you guys and want to see a finished project. I, too, am a thrifter but have much less space than you guys. But, I’m the Deb and Danelle together! Lucky you!

  4. Wanda says:

    I am loving your bedding I live in a small town and it is very hard to find nice bedding. Would you please show some links to some nice bedding things. congratulations on your new build absolutely gorgeous i know that you are both so proud my Sundays consist of Deb and Danella you two should have your own place on HGTV .

  5. Margaret Stinson says:

    I absolutely love your bar stools. Are they vintage? Or do I have a pray at finding them retail somewhere. So glad to have found you and your posts. Dreamy, cozy, soft, fresh and inspiring. Thanks so much!

  6. Lois McFadden says:

    Love everything here. Can you please tell me where the white oil bottles are from?

  7. Minky says:

    Where can I purchase a wooden candle holder?

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