Antique Chandeliers in our Kitchen

  1. Mary Newland says:

    Fabulous. I have 2 similar chandeliers which belonged to my mother in law and they will be hung soon. One in the master bedroom and the other in my office. It is such a wonderful bit of contrast to my all “cloud white” walls and wood floors. I found a very interesting piece in LA just after the 1994 earthquake. I was helping a friend with her home which sustained terrible damage and came across this old, wrought iron fixture that had leaves and berries on it. She and her husband said “take it” when I showed interest in it. It was in my dining room in LA for years and now it will hang in my entry hall, here in Canada. Can’t wait to see it there!!

  2. Katharine Braun says:

    Hello Danelle,

    I always check out your decorating posts. I particularly enjoyed this one about the chandeliers. I love the way you can mix the rustic woods with sparkling crystal! I think I have a little wife envy over Deb. I wish my husband would do some of the amazing handiwork and craftsman/woman work that she does!

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