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The Best Bust Planters

Do you remember when Deb and I trotted our happy butts to the Springfield, Ohio, Extravaganza Flea Market a few weeks ago.  And sweat our happy little hot butts off?   Well.. I only found a few fun things to add to my collection in our storage unit.  ????  We knew we couldn’t buy much because we are completely out of room here in the rental.  But it’s always fun to go window shopping.  I found a really cool cabinet at the very first booth we walked into.  I’m excited because I want to have it built into our new house.  I have a thing for small little cabinets, and have no clue why.  I feel like you can hang them anywhere, so who knows where this one will end up.


The next thing I spotted was a bust planter and I was immediately in love.  We had one out in the flower beds at our big house in the country several years ago.  If I remember right, a large limb fell on it and it broke.  I always loved that thing.  When I saw this one, I KNEW I had to have it.  It is something I can enjoy now and don’t have to store it.  ????   If you only knew how many goodies we have in that storage unit… I CANNOT wait to get everything moved.  Wait.. I can’t wait to get the house started first.  ????

I thought I needed a smaller one for the camper.  So I searched online and found several that are such great deals.  And, I found several similar to the one I bought at the flea market.  So, I rounded up a few more that are gorgeous. Check them out!


The Best Bust Planters

I LOVE this one.  ???????? Her face is very soft and it’s very similar to my bust planter that I found at the flea market.  I love that you can use most of them outside or inside.  They look so cute on the porch, too!


You can shop by clicking the picture and it will take you directly to the website.  This is the smaller one that I bought for the camper. ????????  I will add a little artificial plant and be good to go.  And the price is perfect at under $27.









Danelle Harvey

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  • Hello Deb and Danelle, I love the goddess planter, but need to know about that lamp and candlesticks too!!!!!

  • I got one at a flea market in Kentucky and I love her! I like yours but.....she kinda looks like she has smoked too many joints. The small one you ordered looks inocent and sweet. I think the eyes is what I look at first. LOL

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