Clearing the Woods for Outdoor Spaces

I know I’ve told you a million times that we like different sitting areas.  Morning coffee, happy hour, lunches, snacks all need to be enjoyed with different scenery.  ????   At least that’s how we think.  We always sipped our coffee on the front porch at the House on Winchester.  And our happy hours were USUALLY in the back yard under the pergola.  When we lived in the big house out in the country, we had MULTIPLE choices, which we loved.   We had a fire pit, a gazebo, a screened porch, a porch swing, and a pergola.  And, it all depended on our mood and the weather as to where we chose to sit. Having multiple outdoor spaces again, to spend time in, has been a dream of ours since we decided we were going to build our new house here in the woods.   You are probably thinking, “Why in the sam hill are you creating outdoor spaces before you have a house?”  We would have a house tomorrow if the people could start building.  But, they can’t.  When will it happen?  We have no clue.  We are hoping soon.  But, until then, we are clearing a few sections of our woods for our outdoor spaces.

Clearing the Woods for Outdoor Spaces

We cleared some of the woods by removing several small saplings and created a fire pit a few months back.  Which we have been thoroughly enjoying.  We really and truly have no clue what we are doing but I think what we are doing is working.  ????   There are times when we just plug away working on little bits at a time and it feels like we are getting nowhere.  I came across this before and after picture the other day and I can now see that we are, in fact, making a difference.



The woods is already starting to feel homey.. .and cozy.  This camper of ours has been a life saver, too.  We have a generator for electricity and run the air conditioner when we can’t stand the heat anymore.  It’s really good for our souls to be out here, cleaning up the dead brush, taking down trees that need removed, etc.  Anyways… we started clearing the woods for another outdoor space and I couldn’t wait to show you.  This will eventually be our backyard.



There were several dead trees in this one particular area that needed to be removed.  Once those were gone, it created a little opening.  Once we started looking around, we noticed a few large, old, beautiful trees that we didn’t notice before because of all of the underbrush.  By removing all of the underbrush, it created another little area that we could use for one of our outdoor spaces.  I can totally see our old lady swing set here.


Do you recognize this swing set?  This isn’t the old lady swing set that I am planning but this will do in the meantime.  This swing was in the old house on Deb’s parent’s property.  We decided we needed it until bulldozer boy gets here and does his thing regarding drainage, etc. GAME ON with the swing set.

Pinterest Boards

I have a few Pinterest Boards with my inspirational pictures of different things we want to build…  swing sets, a stock tank pool with a deck, a tree house, and of course, our Tree Shed ????????… which will hopefully be done soon.  If you missed that over on Instagram, we have a fallen, hollow tree here on the property that we wanted to do something special with.  Our nieces and nephews have carved their names in it throughout the years, along with their friends.  So, it’s kind of a sentimental piece.  We decided we wanted to do something fun… so we are making it into a little shed to store a few garden tools.  So stay tuned for that.


Anyways… I wanted to keep you updated on what was happening here in the woods.  And, maybe give you guys some inspiration to maybe make some of your own outdoor spaces.

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