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Cozy Neutral Bedding and More

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot and ShopStyle Collective. Between projects in the woods, Squatter’s camp, building the pond, our DIY sidewalk, and so many others, Deb and I are always relying on The Home Depot. They have all the supplies and tools we need to complete every project we are doing. Not […]

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Headboard idea - Deb and Danelle

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Fall Bedroom Headboard at the Cottage

  We picked up some fabulous doors last week from an antique store near by.  And I already shared with you what they originally looked like.  They had the original green paint but I know myself and color.  It’s a no bueno.  I get very tired of it.  Rather than going through the hassle of […]

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Double Closet door Idea - Deb and Danelle

All Things Bedroom

Double Closet Door Idea

  I have been promising for a long time to show you how the double closet doors in the bedroom at the cottage came out.  If you remember, we wanted to use old doors.  And since we both have a closet, we wanted two sets of doors that matched.  I threw it out in the […]

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White and Gold Ceiling Fan in the Cottage

We have never been ceiling fan people.  In fact, we worked with clients, most of them used to complain about them.  We always told them to have them removed.  We decided the moment we started building that we wanted one in the bedroom.  You can thank our hot flashes for that.  I knew that our […]

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DIY Headboard Idea

If you follow us over on Instagram or Facebook, you already know we launched a collection with Antique Farmhouse.  As you know, their collections don’t last long, so grab anything you want ASAP.  That collection included some half columns that looked like true vintage pieces.  The moment I saw them, I thought “headboard.”  I asked […]

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Shutter head board, Christmas in the Bedroom at the rental

Winter Decor

Christmas in the Bedroom at the Rental

There really are only four rooms to decorate here at the rental so I decided I would for sure share ALL of them with you.  Well, the office could be decorated, but that is our catch-all room.  And then we get sick of it, pick it up, and start throwing junk in there again.  You […]

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Decorating with Vintage at the House on Winchester

Winter Decor

Christmas at the House on Winchester

The inevitable is happening this weekend here at the rental. ???? Christmas will be soon making an appearance.  I am very excited about it because I always think it makes the house feel so cozy and warm.  Deb on the other hand is a little stressed.  It seems as though the rental just got put […]

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Antique Fireplace Mantel

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Antique Fireplace Mantel Turned Headboard

This post is written in collaboration with Walmart.  I have been compensated by Walmart for this post but all opinions are my own. For those of you following us over on Instagram, you watched as Deb and I drove down to Alabama to a Vintage Market.  It was SO FUN!  We had all of these […]

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