Cottage Style Bedroom Refresh with Milton and King Wallpaper - House on Winchester

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Cottage Style Master Bedroom Refresh with Milton and King Wallpaper

  You all should know me by now.  I leave things alone for just a short while.  And then boredom sets in.  You’ve probably seen the master bedroom with several different looks over the last two years.  We switched out the headboard from a large window and two shutters to three cathedral shaped windows.  But, […]

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Master Bedroom door painted with milk paint - House on Winchester

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Master Bedroom Closet Door Makeover with Milk Paint

I recently received some milk paint in the mail from one of my Instagram friends and guess what it sparked.  That’s right… another switcheroo.  You all know how I’ve been switching things up lately all over the house on Winchester.  First, we found a new coffee table for the family room and moved that room […]

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Full Master Bedroom Reveal

If I had a dime for every room reveal I’ve shared with you, I would have 30 cents.  Can you believe this is number 4? If you haven’t seen the sad and scary before pictures of the master bedroom, you need to.  Also, I shared in that post, what we did in this room as […]

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Part of the Master Bedroom Reveal

‘Tis the SEASON! First off, you have to know that Deb’s favorite bird in the entire world is the hummingbird.  To those of you that know her, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  She is in constant motion with projects and is always willing to work.  She says if she could come back to this […]

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The Master Bedroom Beginnings

Creativity is a curse sometimes. And, thinking is exhausting. Like really exhausting. In case you haven’t figured out yet, I am not a 9-5 gal, and let me tell you, this free-spirit comes with stress.  Now, stop laughing.

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Antique Mirrored Door Hung

“Project Door” My DIY Antique Mirrored Door is finally hung in the guest bedroom.  Yay! If you have absolutely no clue what I am talking about, I shared my own step-by-step instructions on how I create DIY “antique mirrors.”  We bought this beauty to replace the original door to the guest room.

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