Spring Mantel - Deb and Danelle

Spring Decor

Simple Spring Mantel

I told you that I was into decorating for spring.  Decorating is something that I have to be in the mood for.  My creative is strange.  If I am not really in the mood, it will not happen.  I can’t force it.  So when I started feeling like I wanted to add a little spring, […]

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Wooden Christmas Trees - DIY

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Trashed Tuesday – Wooden Christmas Trees

If you are new around here, you need to know about Trashed Tuesdays.  No, it doesn’t mean Deb and I sit around and drink until we get trashed.  It is us creating something out of things that would normally be thrown away.  Normally, it’s a repurposed item from something we were going to donate. Sometimes […]

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Christmas/Winter Fireplace Mantel - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Simple Winter Fireplace Mantel Area

Did you see my reel on Instagram when I was decorating this fireplace mantel area?  Don’t let all of these photos fool you.  This mantel was the ONLY thing that had any type of organization.  The rest of the place was a complete and total disaster.  You know how it is when the Christmas tubs are […]

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Thanksgiving Fireplace Mantel Idea - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Fireplace Mantel

The holidays are quickly approaching.  I cannot even believe it how time travels.  The Christmas tubs are out of storage and sitting here in the entryway of the cottage.  Deb grabbed everything the last time she ran to the storage unit, but she left the larger trees.  Because I wanted to get everything else decorated […]

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What to do with a Vintage Lamp Base - Deb and Danelle

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Trashed Tuesday: What to do with a Vintage Lamp Base

Did you catch the Trashed Tuesday piece on social media?  If you are new around here, we started a new series.  Every Tuesday, Deb and I take an item, that YOU (social media) voted on, for us to redo.  Check out last week’s project!  You had the choice between a vintage lamp base or an […]

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Fall or Thanksgiving Fireplace Mantel Ideal - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Simple Thanksgiving Mantel Idea and our Samsung Frame TV

We are wrapping up the fall and Thanksgiving decor here shortly.  I actually have the fall tubs from the storage unit in the back of the truck because Deb grabbed them today when she stopped by. I know a lot of you hate to hear that, but it will be full fledged Christmas mode by […]

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Fall Halloween Fireplace Mantel - Deb and Danelle

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Simple Halloween Fireplace Mantel

  I already told you we were getting ready for a baby shower here in the cottage.  One of the girls is due on November 5.  I know it’s probably not the most ideal thing for the mom to have a shower, BUT, she hasn’t been around this area for YEARS.  And, I didn’t want […]

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Fall Mantel using Amber Bottles

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Fall Mantel using Vintage Amber Bottles

I love my vintage items, but you already know that.  Deb was at the storage unit recently, and she grabbed me a few of my favorite collections.  I shared a few other collections that wound up in the laundry room once she got home.  We moved from the old house into the rental in September, […]

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